A Style Guide For Two For One Faux Double Piercing Earrings


Skip the second piercing and cheat your way to on trend by learning how to wear fake earrings with our new faux double hoop earrings sets instead.

Love the latest double earrings trend but unsure whether you’re committed to a second ear piercing in the long haul? 

We feel you, which is why we’ve created the new luxe staple your lobes need, stat! Our layered double hoop earrings set is designed to suit singular pierced ears perfectly and  is ultra sensitive and easy to wear. so you can be assured you won’t be left asking, ‘why do my ears hurt when I wear fake earrings?’ 

Introducing the new Francesca Two For One Faux Double Piercing Earrings collection just launched.

Designed with delicate ears in mind, the new faux double hoop earrings are the perfect solution for those looking to achieve the current multi-layered ear candy look at minimal risk or strain for ears. 

With both a 2 for 1 (two earrings one piercing) or 3 for 1 option, the new Francesca double hoop earrings and huggies - the Azalia Hoops and the Eden Huggies - are a luxe layering must have for earring lovers. 

Both gorgeous hoop earrings sets feature a mix of cubic zirconia bling with solid gold, sterling silver and rose gold hoops, with the colour of choice down to the wearer.

Learn how to rock a layered earring look by reading on for our guide for how to wear fake earrings and our insider tips to styling both faux double hoop earrings (double piercing earrings) along with our trip hoop earring sets as well.

A Guide To Rocking Double Earrings & Common FAQs

Whether sensitive ears as a kid left you worried fake earrings were bad for your ears or you’re new to layering double earrings and are worried you need multiple piercings to rock a double piercing earrings look,  our guide has got you covered. 

Read on for tips on how to rock faux double hoop earrings like they’re hot with our guide below.

1. Learn to layer

…by investing in a pair of our new 2 for 1 and 3 for 1 hoop earrings styles. 

These new modern double hoop earrings (and triple) sets have come a long way since the days of dodgy, painful clip on and fake earrings sets. 

You no longer have to wonder how to wear fake earrings as these gems are designed to make it easy for you and you won’t need to worry ‘are fake earrings bad for your ears?’ as all are of the highest quality.

Made of sterling silver, solid gold or rose gold plating and offering a hinge clip backing, you can be assured they hug comfortably to your lobes.

With both the latest styles, the Azalia Hoops and Eden Huggies you can choose to create a layered look so easily with only singular pierced ears. 

For those who want to spice things up, the Azalia Hoops offer a triple hoop earrings look while the  Eden Huggies are designed to appeal to those new to layering looking for a more delicate double hoop earrings or gold double hoop earrings look.

To layer simply choose your metal colour of choice (gold, sterling silver or rose gold) and rock a pair of our faux double hoop earrings or triple hoop earrings to wear as is or for those with second piercings add another hoop or stud that matches such as Yale Studs or Izzy Studs


2. Go for gold

Gold is having a serious moment right now in celebrity and catwalk jewellery trends.

If you’re new to layering earrings, you can’t go wrong with gold double hoop earrings made easy.

Make layering and choosing sets a lot less daunting by opting for our 2 for 1 Eden Huggies or 3 for 1 sets Azalia Hoops in gold as a stand alone statement.

Alternatively, if you have two piercings in each lobe, a little mix and match, combining differing gold textures or styles is a fun way to go too.

To curate your own gold double hoop earrings look, we recommend making a statement and going for a large gold statement hoop such as Olive Hoops or Riley Hoops paired alongside a medium gold hoops such as Ruby Hoops or Bonnie Hoops or a gold double hoop earrings set like the Eden Huggies.


3. Fake it til you make it

Fake is not a dirty word when it comes to jewellery and in the case of faux double hoop earring sets. 

For those on the fence about acquiring a second or third piercing, you no longer have to miss out.

We love the idea of empowering our community to lean into the latest jewellery looks without compromising their lobes or piercing preferences.

As long as you have a singular ear piercing you can achieve any layered multi piercing earring looks by leaning into our latest faux double hoop earring and fake double ear piercing earring sets instead.

Keep earlobes cared for with our non-invasive and gentle on ears sterling silver and gold plated 2 for 1 and 3 for 1 faux double hoop earring sets the Eden Huggies and Azalia Hoops.

A cheeky way to fake a triple and double hoop earrings set without the cheap quality of a poorly made fake clip on earrings pair. 

For common questions that spring to mind around fake earrings, we’ve listed a few Q&As to assure you they are worth the investment.  


Your Fake Earrings Q&A Answered

Q. Are fake earrings bad for your ears?

First of all it’s important to define fake. 

Fake earrings made of non-sensitive metals can be harmful to ears for sure. 

Which is why at Francesca, all our ‘fake earrings’ such as the faux double hoop earring sets are only ‘fake’ in their sneaky appearance. The earrings themselves are made of the highest grade solid sterling silver or rose or gold plated metals. We are proudly nickel and alloy free, making all our fake double ear piercing earring sets hypoallergenic (less likely to cause an allergic reaction). 

Q. Why do my ears hurt when I wear fake earrings?

While we aren’t doctors there are often two common things going on when it comes to ear pain from wearing fake earrings. 

Either a) the fake earrings are bad for your ears because they are made of cheap materials that heighten sensitivity to the tissue around your earlobe.

Or b) the fake earrings that offer more than one earring on the same set (such as faux double hoop earring sets) are too heavy for your delicate lobes. 

In the case of the first option, be assured none of our double earrings or fake double ear piercing earring sets will aggravate ears as they are made of the highest quality a-grade solid sterling silver and gold that is both nickel and alloy free.

However if it’s likely the latter, rather than continuing to wonder ‘why do my ears hurt when I wear fake earrings?,’ simply opt for singular stud earrings sets or singular hoop earrings sets that support your ears.

Q. What are fake earrings made of?

We can only speak for our faux double hoop earring sets, with both the Eden Huggies and Azalia Hoops  are made of the highest grade sterling silver and or solid gold or rose gold plated metals.

If purchasing fake earrings or double piercing earrings from another jewellery retailer or are looking on a whim such as on holidays, to know ‘what are fake earrings made of?’ always read the fine print or ask the jeweller direct to see what they are made of and to make an informed decision that’s kind to your ears.

Q. Do fake earrings hurt?

If you’ve ever been on the fence wondering are fake earrings bad for your ears, the short answer is no.

They shouldn't, unless they are made of poor materials and are non hypoallergenic.

The only way to ensure without needing to ask ‘do fake earrings hurt?’ is to follow our tips above, know what the fake earrings are made of and road test whether your lobes can handle heavy earrings such as double hoop earrings sets or more than one earrings set at a time. 

Q. Where can I buy fake earrings?

For all your fake it til you make it double hoop earrings sets, check out our Francesca Layered Look current collections page to explore the 2 for 1 and 3 for 1 faux double hoop earring sets.

No double piercing earrings necessary - all earrings are a singular stand alone stud and or clip back. 

So for all your gold double hoop earrings or silver triple hoop earrings be assured we’ve got you covered.

For ideas on how to wear fake earrings, learn what are fake earrings made of or get your hands on faux double hoop earrings sets see Francesca homepage here.

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