Personalised Necklaces

Is your bestie becoming a new mumma? Maybe your mum’s birthday is around the corner, or you’re looking to treat yourself to something special ‘just because’. 

Personalised necklaces are the perfect way to show just how much you appreciate the important people in your life. 

Explore our curated collection of Personalised Necklaces, designed to help you carry those special names, moments and memories close to your heart.

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Personalised Necklaces: The Buying Guide

Which Personalised Necklace Should I Choose?

At Francesca, we believe that every personalised necklace should reflect the unique style and experiences of the person wearing it. 

That’s why the entire design process — from the necklace’s colour and style to the personalisation details — lies in your hands. 

You’ll have the opportunity to choose from chains, pendants and charms in silver, rose gold and gold; there’s truly something special for everyone. 

Let’s take a look at our top tips for choosing a personalised necklace. 

Silver, Rose Gold or Gold Personalised Necklaces

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or a loved one, the most important thing to consider is colour.

Most people prefer one of either silver, gold or rose gold. If you’re gift-shopping, have a quick scroll through pictures with your loved one and check which colour they wear most frequently.

If you’re not sure which colour suits you or your loved one, as a general rule of thumb:

  • Silver personalised necklaces will best suit cool skin tones 
  • Gold personalised necklaces will best suit warm skin tones
  • Rose gold personalised necklaces are neutral and suit all skin tones

While this guide is worth considering, we believe that the best jewellery colour for you is the one you love most! So, pick the colour you adore, and you’ll never regret your decision. 

Personalised Necklaces with Initials, Letters, Dates or Names

Our Etch Collection allows you to personalise a pendant with a special initial, letter, name or date of your choosing.

The Etch Pendant Necklace, Etch Chain Necklace, Etch Vida Necklace, Etch Amore Necklace, Etch Hive Necklace and Etch Orbit Necklace can all be personalised with a beautiful engraving. 

If you’d like the engraving to be the focal point of the piece, we recommend the Etch Orbit Necklace. For a more subtle and private engraving, go for the Etch Chain Necklace.

Keep in mind that each engravable necklace has a character limit. This ensures that your engraving is perfectly spaced on the pendant for a neat, polished finish.

Birthstone & Charm Personalised Necklaces

Looking for something special and unexpected?

Our birthstone and charm personalised necklaces are the perfect choice.

Whether your bestie is having a baby or you’re gift-shopping for your own milestone birthday, a personalised birthstone necklace is a beautiful keepsake. Our Birthstone Necklace is perfect as a statement piece, while the Petite Birthstone Necklace is ideal for stacking. 

The Zodiac Necklaces also make for wonderfully sentimental gifts, each arriving with a charm quote card for an extra special touch. 

How to Style a Personalised Necklace 

There’s no right or wrong way to style your personalised necklace. 

We believe that you look your best when you feel your best, which is why our necklaces are designed to perfectly complement any outfit in your wardrobe.

In need of some inspiration? Here are some examples of how you can style your personalised necklace. 

  • If you’ve opted for a personalised pendant, let it be the hero of your look and wear it with simple studs and a v-neck knit.
  • Experiment with necklace stacking. Wear your personalised necklace with one or two other chains, ensuring each chain sits at a different height. We love our Petite Birthstone Necklace paired with our Snake Chain and Pearl Necklaces
  • For a trending-now look, pair your gold personalised necklace with silver earrings. This unexpected choice will add dimension and interest yo your look. 
  • Stack your Etch Necklace with a Chain Necklace and pair with a white shirt for a chic office-ready look. 

How to Take Care of Your Personalised Necklace

To keep your personalised necklace in excellent condition, store it in a purpose-built jewellery box. This will prevent your necklace from oxidising quickly. 

However, if your piece does oxidise (this is normal and can happen over time), simply polish it gently with a jewellery polishing cloth. 

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