Mother's Day Jewellery

Mother's Day is right around the corner and if you're looking for a gift for mum, then look no further. If you're after earrings for mum, a personalised gift for mum, or even a necklace for mum, we have a range of new designs that will be perfect.

Mother’s Day Jewellery

Lockets and personalised necklaces are the top Mother's Day jewellery gifts this year. You also can't go wrong with bracelets for mum, they're handmade in Tasmania. We offer free gift wrapping on all orders so it's super easy for you to treat your mum this Mother's Day. Find your Mother's Day present today.

Jewellery for Mum: The Buying Guide 

We know gift-giving can be overwhelming, especially when you’re buying for a motherly figure in your life. 

She’s influenced your life in countless ways, and you’re searching for the perfect gift to show her how much you care. It can be tricky to figure out where to start!

That’s why we’ve put together this guide to buying jewellery for mum. We’ll cover gift ideas for minimalist, maximalist and sentimental mums, as well as gifts to buy when you’re not sure which way to turn. 

Mother’s Day Jewellery for Minimalist Mums 

Minimalist mums are characterised by their chic, classic style. 

If your mum is a minimalist, she probably sticks to a considered colour palette (think: neutrals). She likely opts for sleek, timeless silhouettes and understated accessories. 

When shopping for jewellery for a minimalist mum, look for fine chains, simple pendants, classic timepieces and sleek earrings

Consider a silver oval locket on a fine chain, a pair of timeless gold huggies, or a petite watch face on a mesh band. 

When it comes to colour, take a peek at her current jewellery collection. Does she gravitate towards gold or silver jewellery? Most people prefer one or the other. If you notice a dominant colour, stick with that theme. If she likes to experiment with different colours, the choice is yours!  

Mother’s Day Jewellery for Maximalist Mums

Maximalism is a spectrum. Some maximalists wear bold colours, prints, and eye-catching silhouettes all at once, while others lean a bit more gently into maximalism with just one statement print or pop of colour.  

If your mum is into maximalist styling, you might notice she takes a ‘more is more’ approach to accessorising. 

When buying jewellery for a maximalist mum, look to pearls, stackable jewellery and colourful gemstones.

Arriving in an array of stunning colours, our semi-precious Stone Charm Bracelets are the perfect Mother’s Day gift for a maximalist. If she prefers necklaces, consider a pearl necklace or a chain with colourful gemstones.

Stackable jewellery is also a great gift for a maximalist. Go for a few Stone Charm Bracelets in complementary colours, or stackable rings in different designs. 

Mother’s Day Jewellery for Sentimental Mums 

If your mum loves all things sentimental, jewellery is the perfect Mother’s Day gift. 

Personalised jewellery and charm pieces are our top picks for mums that adore meaningful gifts.  

Personalised Necklaces & Bracelets for Mum

Our Personalised Collection allows you to engrave a silver, gold, or rose gold pendant with a special date or name. You’ll also be able to choose from a plain or bobble chain to place the pendant upon. 

If she prefers to keep her neck bare, our engravable bracelets and rings are stunning substitutes. 

In need of some more inspiration? Take a look at our guide to Mother’s Day necklaces.

Charms for Mum

Charms are symbols that carry special meanings and messages. 

Our Charms Collection is designed for the most sentimental giftees. 

Select a charm that means something special to her, then choose your base chain and create your very own bespoke jewellery gift! 

What to Buy for Mother’s Day When You’re Just Not Sure

If your giftee prefers to choose her own jewellery or you’re not quite sure what she’ll like, opt for a Francesca Gift Card. We know some people consider gift cards a bit impersonal, so here’s our top tip: add a note with an invitation to shop for her jewellery piece together, either online or in-store! 

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