How to attach Charms

Step 1: Layout your charms in the order you would like to attach

Step 2: stretch the bracelet to expose the elastic next to the charm bar

Step 3: Push the elastic through the middle of the overlapping jumpring, or slide the elastic through the loop ending - like a key ring!

Step 4: Slide the charm onto the charm bar to secure

How to adjust Necklace

Step 1: Locate the adjustable ball clasp and undo from chain

Step 2: Holding the ball between two fingers, pull the chain through the ball to adjust to your ideal length!

Step 3: do your necklace up and rotate the chain so the excess hangs down the back.

How to adjust Watch

Your Link watch band will need to be adjusted by us in store, or by your local jeweller or watch specialist.  Your Mesh watch band comes with a special adjuster tool to make this easy for you to adjust as needed!

Step 1: Lift the top cover of the watch clasp to open

Step 2: Using the adjuster tool, Insert the end into the watch latch - Prise the latch towards yourself to lift up

Step 3: Slide the clasp along to the desired place on the band, and push the latch back down towards the band to clamp into place. Your watch is ready to wear!

Changing date and time

Updating the date or time on your watch is simple. It' just 1 click to change the date or 2 clicks to change the time.

Switch your watch band

Change up your look and swap your watch bands over following 2 simple steps. To remove, simply pinch the pin on the bottom side of the watch band and slide it out. To add, simple pinch the pin inwards and slide the new watch band in.

Create a piece

Did you know that you can design your own piece, right here on our website! Our create app allows you to play with different combinations of bases and charms, for the perfect sentimental piece or gift.

Click here to start designing!

Need some inspiration? Reach out to our team on Live Chat - we’re always here to answer your questions, to make recommendations, and help you design the perfect piece.

Franc Create T's & C's

Francesca Charms must be added to create base only to ensure warranty is valid.

Product exclusions from the create range will specify in the description - we recommend reading the full description to ensure you are purchasing the correct piece.

The create range can be shopped through designing our own piece here, or though the Francesa Create Collection here.

Francesca Charms are purpose designed for our own base products. Attaching your Francesca Charm to a non-Create piece will void the warranty.

Attaching a charm to a non- Francesca piece will void the warranty on all pieces applicable.