What Are Huggie Earrings?


Don’t speak jewellery the way we do? We’ve got you. If you’ve ever wondered what huggie earrings are, then we’ve got the lowdown you need to rock the new hoop earrings trend well this season. 

Like a hug for your earlobe, huggie earrings are cute smaller style hoop earrings that nestle in snug against your ear. For the style conscious who like to stay up with the trends and wonder just what are huggie earrings, we’ve we’ve compiled a go - to guide for you.

Designed to be worn often alongside other smaller studs, huggie earrings (also known as ‘huggers’) are the latest chunky, small hoop earrings style making waves in layered jewellery fashion. 

Seen on the lobes of some of Hollywood’s most elite style icons from Hailey Bieber to Sienna Miller, huggie earrings are a cute and simple way to accessorise and bling up any outfit, even the plainest of looks (think white tee and denim jeans).

Inspired by a return to old world Mediterranean glamour - think lounging on a luxury boat in Monaco or Capri - huggie earrings are our current obsession that are low key having a major moment in 2021/2022.

With huggie earrings the current flavour of the festive season, we thought why not talk through what are huggie earrings in more detail, along with all the basic Q&A surrounding huggie earrings including how to put huggie earrings on and how to wear huggie earrings. 

Read on for the Francesca guide to all things huggie earrings and the jewellery trends you should be across this Summer.


Image of young woman with head turned to the side wearing small hoop earrings

What Are Huggie Earrings? 

A more intimate style hoop earring set, huggie earrings are small in size and, as their name suggests, designed to ‘hug’ the ear, be it earlobe or the outer ear.

Huggie earrings by design often feature a butterfly stud back fastening, lever back fastening or a closed loop that easily clicks and locks the huggie into place, making them often more secure than standard hoop earrings.

Worn either as a stand alone statement or often designed to be layered alongside second or third piercings, huggie earrings are the ultimate ear candy that can make even the smallest of ears look sweet.

Huggie earrings are most notably known by this name, however, sometimes they are also called ‘huggers’ or just referred to as small hoops. Either way huggie earrings are a go-to for pierced ear guys and gals.

Within the Francesca huggie earrings range, our huggie earrings are designed with all sensitive ears in mind. You can shop for all style preferences and metals (including solid gold, sterling silver and rose gold), chunky hoops or slim huggie earrings, cubic zirconia or pearl encrusted.

We also keep your ears safe and all those who wonder ‘are huggie earrings’ comfortable?,’ you can have peace of mind knowing all are perfect for sensitive ears. We use only the highest quality metals that are nickel + alloy free.

How To Put Huggie Earrings On?

We love being inspired by new jewellery trends and are always open to being experimental with new looks and fits. This said, for the style conscious keen to stay up-to-date with huggie earrings but new to knowing how to pull them off, we’ve got some hacks to make learning how to put huggie earrings on that much simpler.

To inspire ease next time you get dressed for the day, and quieten any thoughts around ‘are huggie earrings comfortable?’ read on for simple tips on how to put huggie earrings on, inclusive of those with sensitive ears.


Image of gold hoop earrings up close

3 Steps To Learn How To Put Huggie Earrings On:

1. Learn the fastening style first - is it a butterfly back to secure the pin or is it a lever back or more traditional closed loop hoop earrings style?

Note: Francesca huggie earrings come in closed loop and butterfly back.

2. Pull the fastening apart or back - Once you know the fastening style, learning how to put huggie earrings on becomes more simple. Depending on the clasp, you will either pull off the fastening (butterfly fastening) and thread the pin through your ear and secure it with the fastening firmly pushed over the back of the earlobe. Or pull the latch up or hoop earring apart, pin the ear and let the latch or hoop slide over the back of the ear.

3. Go easy - for those wearing more delicate huggie earrings or in particular, hoop earrings that are continuous hoop fastening, then you will need to gently pull the back of the hoop vertically to dislodge the pin from its tube wire. While doing this, be ultra careful to not bend or twist the hoop as it can cause the earring to break or become damaged.
Once the pin is in the ear, gently, use your thumb and index finger to push the two sides of the hoop / huggie earrings close together to close the gap. 


    Image of small hoops (huggies) worn with other drop earrings in a stylish way

    How To Wear Huggie Earrings?

    Just as we love a Franc Stack when it comes to bracelets, we love an earring stack - think delicate or chunky earrings combined with smaller blingin’ ear candy pieces to create a layered look, with both huggie earrings, studs, drop earrings (such as the new Petite Charm Thread Earrings).

    When deciding how to wear huggie earrings, or wondering how to put huggie earrings on (what outfit works best?) here are in season style tips we recommend playing with for new High Summer 2021/2022 jewellery looks.


    • Mix metals and finishes - Try a brushed metal finish huggie earrings set like our Luca hoops and then partner / pair alongside a different design like our Pilgrim pearl hoops.

    • Combine chunky and thin huggies - Opt for one huggie earrings style that’s more chunky and hugs skin tight such as our Reese Huggies and then pair it alongside a thing, large hoop
      earrings set like our Ari Hoops.

    • Go glamorous - glam up your day wear with a cubic zirconia set that alludes to effortless chic, such as our Darcy Huggies (more understated) or Vienna Huggies (more refined luxe).

    • Pair up with studs and drop earrings - For a true style icon look, seen on celebs such as Hayley Bieber, partner huggie earrings alongside petite charm thread earrings (drop earrings) and a simple stud, such as our Zoe Studs or Callie Studs.
    For more ways to rock these tiny little hoops, check out our Francesca Instagram and Huggie Earrings page for style inspo.
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