A Bespoke Baby Shower Gift Guide


New to the baby shower game? Unsure where to even start looking when it comes to deciphering what’s big in the world of babies? But also kind of want to give your bestie and her bub a gift that is meaningful and special?

Well, forget muslin wraps, onesies and teething rings and instead think thoughtful, symbolic and personalised baby gifts.

With Hannah as our very own mamma-to-be at Franc HQ, along with working mums here in our head office, we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes for a personalised baby gift. Be it something for the mum-to-be or newborn, there are so many beautiful and bespoke ways you can personalise a baby shower gift to really show your love and care.

To help pick the perfect personalised baby gifts for bub or mum, we’ve created a gift guide, complete with a range of different personalised jewellery ideas that the mum and baby can treasure forever.

the francesca baby shower gift guide

gift ideas for... expectant mums

As any current mum will know, when you have a baby your own interest in dressing up or prioritising your appearance tends to fall to the wayside as you start to devote all your love to your new bub. You also tend to prioritise the baby and personalised baby gifts for them rather than allowing yourself to ever have anything.

As a result, at least in the early days, dressing tends to become more practical than ‘pretty.’ Which is why, gifting a new mum with a personalised jewellery piece is not only thoughtful and allows them to easily add some fun or flair to their everyday look but can be a symbolic reminder of their meaningful new role as a mum.

While it all depends on the mamma and their personal style, some simple considerations to keep in mind are - if they are breastfeeding, necklaces may get in the way and rings need to be simple (so to not scratch the baby’s super delicate skin). If wary about the early newborn stage, perhaps opt for earrings or a charm bracelet.

Charm bracelets can make for a beautiful personalied baby gift that holds true meaning. For example, if you know the baby-to-be’s gender or name, you could buy an alpha letter charm to attach to a gemstone bracelet or a zodiac charm symbolic of the baby’s future birth date. Or for simplicity, a love charm,  behold charm or angel charm could work beautifully too so that each time the mamma looks at it she’s reminded of her bub and how the gift that it is motherhood.

Alternatively, for a more subtle baby gift (for mums) that will not be within reach for the baby, but add some sparkle to a perhaps sleepless day, maybe opt for the Malo or Wembley studs.

gift ideas for… a baby boy

While it might seem a little ‘new age’ to gift a baby boy jewellery, if you’ve ever seen a baby wearing teething necklaces (which are said to promote healing and a calming quality in babies), you’ll know it’s not that strange, if anything it’s actually a beautiful way to bless a baby with good health. While we don’t do amber necklaces, we do personalised jewellery piece such as a birthstone bracelets, where you can choose the colour based on their birth month. For our full birthstone collection and what they represent, see this link or learn the meanings behind them here.

gift ideas for.... a baby girl

Just like a birthstone bracelet for a baby boy, a baby girl could just as much benefit from a birthstone bracelet , not only for the healing health qualities but also the symbolism attached to their birth month and personality.

Alternatively for a personalised baby gift that’s uniquely from Australia, you could gift a baby girl a necklace of sterling silver, rose gold or yellow gold (using a Franc Create Chain) and attach an Alpha letter charm (for their first name or initials), a Zodiac charm (symbolising their birth month), a River Pearl charm (for a truly unique Australian baby gift) or Origin charm (if they are a Tassie born bub) for them to wear as a monumental piece as they get older.

Still need a little extra inspiration for your baby shower gifts or guidance surrounding new babies in general? Check out Babyology, Kid Spot or The Bub Hub.

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