Guide to Keeping your Necklaces from Tangling

We’ve all been there, as you move throughout the day, your chain/clasp will naturally move with you. Usually, the clasp will fall until it’s sitting toward the front of your chain and before you know it, you may be in a web of tangles!  



How can I keep my necklace from getting tangled or rotating?


The simple answer is, there’s no simple answer to this.


We play with our necklaces all day every day, which helps with tangles and turning! Tangles are an inevitable part of wearing necklaces and rest assured, not very noticeable. When putting your necklaces on, make sure that your chain is free from twists, tangles and is placed on your neck with all charms facing upwards (this should prevent your pendant from flipping around).


We recommend:


1. Let’s talk about LENGTH


Mix long and short necklaces – pieces shouldn’t intertwine as easily with a layered mixture of necklace lengths. The closer your necklaces are in length, the more likely they are to get tangled. We love pairing our fully adjustable 50cm and 80cm Franc Create chains.



2. Think about necklace WEIGHTS


Balance the heaviest necklace (such as our rope chain) on top of thinner and lighter chains, this should help the necklaces stay in place. Daintier chains paired with heavier chains should create balance and avoid tangles!




3. Living in a MATERIAL world


Layer necklaces with different chains or materials such as the rope chain or bobble chain, different chains won’t tangle as easily as necklaces with the same chain. 


How can I untangle and untwist my necklace?

If your necklaces are tangled and you just can’t seem to detangle them – it may sound strange but place the chain on a clean surface and sprinkle it with a small amount of baby powder or baby oil. This should loosen the knots, then use a needle (or something similar) to detangle – voilà!


If your necklace is twisted, unclasp the necklace and dangle it from one end to get all of the twists out (an untwisted necklace will sit better on your neck and should minimise tangles!).  


Necklace Storage

Store your necklaces on hooks, on jewellery stands or in separate storage compartments.


Check out our range of jewellery storage to keep your necklaces apart. We’ve found that the best way of keeping chains free from tangles is to think ahead with necklace storage! We also have an amazing range of travel jewellery storage to avoid necklace tangles on your adventures.



Necklaces we’ve been loving at the moment


This definitely wouldn’t be a Francesca blog post without sharing the pieces we’ve been loving!  


The Mid-Chain Keshi Necklace and Halo Pearl Necklace

As a brand that is pearl obsessed, we love any of our pearl necklaces however there is truly something special about the mid-chain keshi and halo pearl necklace that combines our keshi pearls and chains in a unique way. We love the natural imperfections within the baroque keshi pearls and think these are amazing pieces for layering!



Our Create Charms on Bobble Chains


We love nothing more than personalising our pieces! From the Sparrow, Globe to the Clover, we can’t get enough of pairing our Francesca Create charms with the bobble chain. The bobble chain gives your necklace collection beautiful texture, we know you’ll love layering this piece as much as we have!