How to Stack Bracelets And Rock Seasonal Styles - The Francesca Edit

How to Stack Bracelets And Rock Seasonal Styles - The Francesca Edit

Insider tips on how to stack bracelets, how to to stack bracelets with a watch and style your stack in line with the latest seasonal Francesca collections.

If there’s one thing we know at Franc, it’s how to stack bracelets, rings and layer up necklaces.

A long time staple in our collections - stacks and in particular bracelet stacks, continue to circulate each season thanks to their ever changing nature and ability to adapt, evolve and change to suit a style, season or latest trend.

With each stack unique to you, choosing your arm candy combo is much like picking from an Allen's Party Mix. You can pluck out exactly what tickles your fancy, and mix and match to suit your style and taste - with an array of metals, colours, shapes and sizes available allowing you to feel into what resonates and is most yummy stack wise at the time. 

If knowing how to stack bracelets feels a little outside your comfort zone or you tend to get overwhelmed by choice don’t worry, we’ve got you. Read on for a lowdown on how to stack bracelets, the Franc way. 

Stack It Like It’s Hot

Introducing your stack style guide… where we break down the do’s and don’ts of stacking, what to style a stack with, how to stack bracelets and how to stack bracelets with a watch and introduce textures, dimensions and mixed metals and stones into your stack with confidence. 

5 Stack Style Tips

1. Think textures

Life is too short to stick to one lane. Spice up your stack with multi-layered textures - think stones with metal, metal on metal or pearls with metals.

Stack combos we love include: Colourwave combos that mix metal with coloured stones (Bowie, Woodstock, Fleetwood), Duo bracelets paired with a metal Insignia Bracelet or coloured Opulent Bracelet.

Note: For more stack combos tailored to suit your preferred bracelet read the ‘style your stack below the bracelet descriptions. 


2. Colour coordinate 

Colour coordinating is one way to effectively pull off a stack and learn how to stack bracelets in a natural way. Conversely, if you prefer to live on the wild side, then consciously clashing to create a ‘I just woke up and stacked on whatever I could find’ vibe with mixed textures or colours can work too. 

How to stack bracelets really all comes down to intention and style preferences.

Stack combos we love for coordinators include: 

  • The Colourwave stacks - Fleetwood Stack, Bowie Stack and Woodstock Stack all able to be combined with a Charm Bracelet in a matching stone of choice. 
  • Pearls with matching metal combos - Rochelle Trio or Bella Pearl Trio alongside Franc Create Charm Bracelet or Pearl Charm Bracelet.

  • Stack combos we love for clash queens include: 

    3. Choose a charity

    One of the simplest and most meaningful ways you could learn how to stack bracelets, could be to choose from one of our charity awareness bracelets and work your colour or metal selections from there.

    Each Awareness Bracelet always features a set colour, in line with the charity of choice, so it’s an easy way to work your subsequent bracelet stack choices around it. 

    Currently at Francesca, we have four key awareness bracelets available to base your stack around. 

    Stack combos we love for each awareness bracelet: 

    • Awareness Bracelet - Flood Relief - made of white jade (the stone of harmony) and designed to support GIVIT, an organisation helping those in QLD and NSW affected by the floods.

    How to stack bracelets with the Flood Relief Bracelet? Use the white stone as your starting point then add an Ava bracelet or Allure bracelet with a Staple bracelet in a matching metal.

    • Awareness Bracelet - National Breast Cancer Foundation - a beautiful bracelet with pastel pink aragonite and morganite beads to support breast cancer research.

    How to stack bracelets with the National Breast Cancer Foundation Awareness Bracelet

    Take cues from the pastel hues and create an all pink stack featuring other stones such as a rose quartz Charm Bracelet paired with a Bowie Bracelet with pink opal and rhodochrosite stones.

    • Awareness Bracelet -Be Hers- a stunning bracelet made of freshwater pearls and blue moonstone beads that supports the fight against human trafficking.

    How to stack bracelets with this combination? Pair a pearl bracelet such as our Lumier bracelet or Pearl charm bracelet with a staple bracelet such as Division charm bracelet or Dahlia pearl bracelet

    • Awareness Bracelet - Motherless Daughters - made of light purple amethyst (the stone of tranquillity) this bracelet supports those whose mums have died, helping them navigate the everyday, and life's key milestones.

    How to stack bracelets with Motherless Daughters Awareness Bracelet? Perhaps go a purple posse and pair with an Amethyst Charm Bracelet and a classic Staple Bracelet. 

    4. Layer with a local touch

    Bring a little local love to your stack story by placing our origin state of Tasmania front of mind. 

    By creating a story behind your stack your bespoke bracelet combo it will not only represent a reminder of the beautiful destination, act for some as a symbolic token of home but also pay reverence to the local handmade (and hand beaded) touch we’re so proud to have.

    Stack combo we love that support local loyalty: 

  • Handmade bracelets - all beaded bracelets including Colourwave Bracelets, Create Bracelets, Staple Bracelets, Pearl Bracelets, Charm Bracelets paired with an Origin Charm featuring Tasmania.

    5. Add in accessories 

    Weave in a watch or other bling things to create textures and variety in your stack.

    Learning how to stack bracelets with a watch is one great way to bring your wrist to life and dress up a low key look.

    Within the Francesca collection we have our own signature watch that comes with two luxe band options - Franc Watch with mesh band or  Franc Watch with link band available in solid gold, rose gold or sterling silver metal. We also have stunning cuff bracelets and link bracelets to break up beaded bracelet looks.

    Learning how to stack bracelets with a cuff, a linked look or watch can take time… let us help you cut to the chase and get stacking stat!

    For more tips on how to stack or shop all our pre-curated stack bracelets shop here.

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