What To Know When Gifting A Loved One An Initial Necklace

In the scheme of ‘never in style’ versus ‘never out of style’, initial letter necklaces most definitely err towards the latter. 

Iconic in every way, this year initial letter necklaces and jewellery are back big time, just look to the trend forecasters, with everyone from mainstream media to influencers and celebrities are getting behind them.

From Kim Kardashian rocking name plates with daughter North’s name and Steph Claire Smith in our latest Francesca campaign with son Harvey’s name with the Etch Bar Necklace through to one off initial necklaces sported on Mila Kunis and Sandra Bullock, words and letters are here to stay.

As George Khalife, a jeweller quoted in Byrdie says of the trend: “Nameplates and initial necklaces are so popular and always in style because people love having something that is custom… [plus] not everyone will wear the same letter, which makes it special. It's [each to] their own.”

So whether typography, font, words, symbols, letters, shapes or symbolism is your jam, with 

26 letters in the alphabet, and creativity as your oyster, the sky really is the limit with initial letter necklaces.

To learn more about what design may suit you and what to consider when choosing an initial necklace (or Alphabet Jewellery as we call it)  read on below for our curated guide.


A Guide To Gifting An Initial Necklace


You know the old phrase, ‘who, what, when, where, why, how’? Well you can apply the same words when planning gifting an initial necklace.

In particular, the who and the what are good occasions to gift initial necklaces are super relevant.

Let’s talk it all through together…with our Q and A below!


Q. Why Should I Buy An Initial Necklace?

We think the seriously ‘on trend’ factor is a good starting point! Why? Because when a jewellery trend is happening you can be assured you’ve hit the jackpot when it comes to knowing what to buy others. Think safety in numbers… if everyone is into them or at least a majority, it’s safe to assume it won’t go unloved as a gift.

In terms of gift giving, a initial necklace is also highly personalised as it allows you to select a person’s first or last name initial, nickname initial, a sentimental initial - such as a family member who has passed or newborn baby’s name - making it a thoughtful gift that shows you’ve gone beyond standard gift gestures.

As for what are good occasions to gift initial necklaces we recommend keeping these personalised pieces for a special or symbolic occasion - think significant birthday (18th, 21st, 30th, 40th), a wedding anniversary, a goodbye gift keepsake or a pick me up gift for someone grieving or moving away.


Q. Who Do I Buy A Initial Necklace for?


The best part about jewellery is it doesn’t discriminate, so it really comes down to the person and occasion! 

We see alphabet jewellery or initial necklace suiting everyone from a mum, daughter, aunty, lover or sister through to a cherished mentor, bestie, friend or relative who may have lost a loved one or birthed a new baby, or even a pet owner or an influencer.

What you should keep front of mind is: the meaning, the letter, the metal and chain type, the typography and the way the person you’re gifting for wears their jewellery. 

For example, someone who is on the shy, introverted side may prefer a long chain initial necklace they can wear under their top to hide their jewellery but keep the insignia close to their heart. Or if they prefer smaller letters the Personalised Pendant is also nice as it is small and simple in design and can be worn on a delicate chain closer to collarbones. 

In contrast, for someone on the outgoing side, happy to show off a letter or initial necklace, a Rope Letter Bobble Pendant or the iconic Etch Pendant Necklace with its bold medallion shape could look cute.


Q. What Kind Of Initial Necklace Should I Buy?


This could be the toughest question of them all! 

We are low key loving initial necklaces right now and so within the current Francesca collection we have a whole section of our website dedicated to different initial and personalised pieces.

While they all are wonderful in their own ways, some appeal more to certain types of demographics and women more than others. See our edit of gift appropriate ideas below.

Best initial necklaces for moms

Within the collection we see the more traditional and iconic initial necklace designs suiting moms such as the Etch Pendant Necklace (where you can inscribe your or their initials onto the front or back) or the Etch Chain Necklace for a subtle yet timeless piece (also offers a full engraveable element),

Best initial necklaces for girlfriend or lover

Lovers out there will swoon over our iconic heart charm inspired piece the Etch Behold Necklace.

The heart symbolises eternal love and then couple this with you and your beloved’s initials imprinted together it’s a match made in jewellery heaven.

Alternatively the Etch Vida Necklace will also be adored, with the opportunity to etch your initial onto your girlfriend’s necklace as a keepsake and the added addition of the cubic zirconia and opportunity to etch a quote or message on the back. We seriously j’adore.

Best initial necklaces for couples

While the lover options above work well for individuals and in particular women, if you want a matching set that speaks to the best initial necklaces for couples aka meaning gender neutral then we love the Etch Bar Necklace.

In our eyes, this style can be rocked by men or women in a way that is iconic, neutral and androgynous in style and shape, can vary in metal to suit the individuals in the couple and their taste but also allow for their other half’s name to feature in centre in a way that gives ‘this is my person’ vibes.

Alternatively another within the best initial necklaces for couples category we see working is the Etch Chain Necklace which features similar neutral rectangular geometry or to mix it up the Better Together Necklace as a tag necklace with both of your initials and worn as a long hanging pendant could suit the more chain heavy, street cool couple as well.


Q. Where and How Do I Buy An Initial Necklace?


All initial necklaces featured within this blog are available on our online store Francesca.

To shop specifically for initial necklaces we recommend browsing our Alphabet Jewellery page.

As for how to buy, design, personalise or engrave a initial necklace the good news is that if you purchase from Francesca we do all the designing, etching and hard work for you. 

Simply find the initial necklace that resonates and voila, your work is done. We will post you the perfect piece as tailored to your gifting needs..

For more on our engraved pieces see the Etch Collection or for more other personalised pieces that are akin to initial necklaces see our Personalised Necklaces collection.

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