Learn How To Create Meaningful Matching Bracelets For Friends


When it comes to gift giving with friends, ‘the thought that counts’ should always be top of mind.  

That said, knowing how to buy the right jewellery or create meaningful matching bracelets for friends can be much harder than it seems.

With jewellery, sentimentality is a significant part of gift giving and receiving. Whether it’s buying two matching bracelets for friends or friendship charm bracelets you can both wear, it’s always nice to consider the meaningful intention behind your choice. 

When it comes to buying them jewellery first consider what it may represent. Would you like the bracelet to be a reminder of a memory shared or time spent together? Or maybe it’s about having a talisman that keeps you connected to a shared meaning or connection you have?

Whatever you choose to infuse into your jewellery choice, by curating a beautiful intention behind it and choosing a charm, colour or style that suits your friend, it will make all the difference to how your friend receives and cherishes it.

For new bracelet collections and tips for how to choose matching bracelets for friends or to find the perfect friendship charm bracelets read our Franc guide below.

5 Types Of Matching Bracelets For Friends

1. Etch Alpha Bracelet

The Etch Collection is a timeless option when it comes to gifting your bestie (or friendship group or bridal party) a bespoke bracelet or jewellery piece.  

The Etch Alpha Bracelet in particular is a beautiful choice as it allows you to become the designer by engraving an initial(s) on both sides of the charm. Offering one side for you to outwardly see each day and one side to keep close (your friend). 

In terms of choosing classic matching bracelets for friends, this style is timeless, chic and everlasting. The Etch Alpha Bracelet comes in a choice of rose gold, silver or gold. Either mix and match to suit style preferences or choose the same metal.

We recommend etching your initials to your bestie’s bracelet and hers/his to yours so you can have a keepsake and reminder of your friendship wherever you go.

As a style,  it also makes for a great friendship charm bracelets option to give to your inner circle, either to commemorate a special occasion (such as being bridesmaids at your wedding) or as a symbol of love so when they travel they know you are always with them in heart.

2.  Fusion Charm Bracelet

Keen to customise your own friendship bracelet? Why not choose a stone, metal or element of choice (considering colours you and your friend/s like) then create the perfect friendship charm bracelets by adding a Fusion Charm to each.

The Fusion Charm is lovingly designed to represent the bond between two people. It is part of our Behold Collection, with each charm in the collection connected to love.

Thread a Fusion Charm to the coloured bracelet of your choice, then keep as a stand alone charm or string a series of charms that add layers and enhance your friendship charm bracelets.

3. Create Bracelets

For the creatives with time to spend time collecting a series of charms that each hold symbolic meanings, you can’t go past our Create Bracelets collection.

A one stop shop for unique friendship charms, simply scan the Create Bracelets page for a range of symbols and figurines. With so many to choose from, the sky's the limit.

You can design a four way friendship bracelet (the same design for a bridal posse of four) or do a bulk order of unique friendship charm bracelets for friends who all hold different friendship qualities and gift it to them for their birthday or Christmas.

For inspiration and friendship charm bracelets we love from the Create Bracelets collection, here are a few ideas:

4. Stack Bracelets

For boujee friends who prefer to go big with bling rather than keep it minimal, curating a unique Franc Stack is definitely a great way to go.

When it comes to how to create a bracelet stack or how to wear stacked bracelets, it all will come down to the wearer (in this case your friend).

The important thing to consider as the gift giver is choosing colours or metals they would wear, then feel free to get more creative with choosing the friendship charm bracelets you attach.

With stacking bracelets there are two routes you can go. Directly shop a pre-made stack from our Stacks Collection page or go to the Create Bracelets page and pick two or three unique bracelets to make your own curated bracelet stack.

Once you’ve got your duo or trio, choose friendship charm bracelets that your friend will adore and that ‘spark joy’ for you both.

Friendship charm bracelets we love include:

  • The Grace Charm - ‘When someone is unapologetically themselves, that's the true essence of beauty.’
  • 5. Awareness Bracelets

    A little more on the niche side, but, one option for matching bracelets for friends could be to support a cause or charity that’s close to all of your hearts.

    A cause that most commonly affects all women, whether it’s a loved one or someone in your extended circle is breast cancer.

    At Francesca we have created a custom Awareness Bracelet made of pink aragonite for sale, where $20 from each bracelet sold is donated direct to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.  

    So, for those who may usually take part in a charity event, morning tea or fundraiser for breast cancer, a meaningful gesture could be to buy the Awareness Bracelet: National Breast Cancer Foundation  as matching bracelets for friends or as a four way friendship bracelet to wear with those you are doing the event with.

    To learn what charities we are currently partnered with see the Awareness Bracelets page.

    For more on how to wear stacked bracelets and create a bracelet stack see our blog here.

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