5 Ways To Upgrade Your Gift Game with Monogram Jewellery

5 Ways To Upgrade Your Gift Game with Monogram Jewellery

Move beyond the generic and choose to give a meaningful gift this season with our personalised monogram jewellery collection instead

Words by Sam Bailey

Gift giving can either be personal and meaningful or it can be low-key generic.

Rather than erring towards the usual gift choices - box of chocolates or flowers - choose to add a little extra thought and sentiment next birthday, anniversary or special occasion with a personalised jewellery piece.

With jewellery there are so many ways you can select a piece that holds meaning - one choice that always will stand out is going for a monogram or etched piece.

Whether it’s on a pendant or locket, a charm for a bracelet or set of earrings with letter symbols melded together or a piece that features a monogram logo or set is so much more than a standard plain piece.

Take Shay Mitchell who wears her girl Atlas’s name as a ring, or Katie Holmes who wore the letter ‘S’ to symbolise her daughter Suri and let’s not forget Sarah Jessica Parker and her iconic ‘Carrie’ necklace in Sex And The City - the options are endless.

Monogram in particular is having a revival with the use of typography motifs (usually two or more letters interwoven together) playing out big time in the fashion and beauty industries.

From the GG Gucci logo, to LV used in Louis Vuitton and closer to home, our own FF Francesca logo, monogram designs are having a moment and the best part is they never go out of style.

With monogram jewellery history shows that the monogram symbols first appeared in Ancient Egypt and Greece and were inscribed on coins and tombs to symbolise power, identity and status.

Now fast forward to today, and while Louis Vuitton has been rocking monogram since 1876, the meaning of monogram has broadened to be much more about design aesthetics and distinctive jewellery branding. 

For example at Francesca our unique monogram pendant style necklaces are part of our core offering, with the ‘FF’ symbols an iconic part of our brand identity but we also offer custom etched letters as well.

To learn more about monogram, how to choose the perfect monogram for your loved one see our collection guide and tips below.

How To Choose The Perfect Monogram

Monograms typically are designed in three ways: a singular letter, two letters intertwined or a written word.

When it comes to choosing a monogram piece for someone in your life you want to get a sense of what their current style is: are they into boujee logos? Subtle scripts? Or a more iconic one letter symbol?

Each different monogram design tends to suit different clothes or occasions - for example a double letter monogram is timeless and could show off a brand in a way that is recognisable. A piece like this such as our Franc Create Charm Bracelet would be popular with extroverts who like to be adorned in branded logos.

Alternatively, when it comes to how to choose the perfect monogram for a best friend or a mum, perhaps an Etch piece like our Etch Bar Necklace may be a little more personalised and suit those who prefer jewellery on the subtler side. For more on all our types of monogram inspired jewellery see our edit below.

5 Custom Monogram Jewellery Pieces We Love 

1. Etch Bar Necklace

Currently loved by mother, model and influencer Steph Claire Smith, the Etch Bar Necklace allows you to custom etch or inscribe a word - such as a loved one’s name - onto a plain gold, silver or rose gold bar that can be worn close to heart.

As seen worn by Steph and featuring her son Harvey’s name, the Etch Bar Necklace is a beautiful custom gift for Mother’s Day or as a keepsake with a pet’s name, late grandparent’s name or a childhood best friend’s name, the sky's the limit.



2. Illustrate Pendant 

Consider this more on the cutesy, bespoke side, the Illustrate Pendant allows anyone (such as a child) to draw a picture, message, word that is meaningful to them and inscribe it directly in their handwriting onto a pendant piece.

A piece that allows true artistic expression, the Illustrate Pendant is perfect for those who either want to hold onto and time capsule their child’s personality at that time, or just generally love having their friend or family member’s creative flair there to smile upon. 



3. Etch Hive Necklace

A timeless piece for the traditionalist at heart - the Etch Hive Necklace takes a simple letter inscription and adds it to an octagon hive design, bringing a hint of modernity but keeping it within the realms of simplicity and grace.

A perfect pairing to accompany someone like a Mum who prefers to play it safe and stay with more monotone colours, classic linen and cotton shirts and ready to wear clothes by day.


4. Etch Behold Necklace

Bringing a hint of romance to an otherwise timeless piece, the Etch Behold Necklace, with a heart shaped pendant design offers a love inspired motif where lovers can etch their initials onto a shared space as a symbol of their everlasting love.

When it comes to a unique monogram pendant style the Etch Behold Necklace is one you won’t find very often. Love hearts may come and go but soulmate initials etched onto love hearts is a rarity. Make yours a forever love and proclamation to the world by getting one for your lover, or as matching sets.



5. Etch Studs

Monogram doesn’t need to always be mushy and specific to names and words, one of the best examples of a timeless monogram design we love is our Etch Studs.

​​Choose letters that either have meaning or just look cool and get them etched onto our plain silver, gold or rose gold circular studs for an everyday staple earring set that looks classic and chic with any outfit.

A gorgeous engraveable set, either choose to go matchy matchy or get a little quirky and pick different letters for each ear. Either way the Etch Studs add a little ear candy to any look and elevate any style identity. A perfect gift for those who prefer neutral, classic or traditional custom jewellery. 

Note: when it comes to the best materials for monogram jewellery we always recommend choosing from a high grade metal such as solid sterling silver, rose gold or solid gold for both the motif and the chain.

Looking for more unique monogram pendant style necklaces? Shop our Etch collection (engraved jewellery) here or shop the whole collection at Francesca.

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