Introducing 'You Beauty' by Francesca

Introducing our hero collection of 2023, You Beauty. A collection reflecting on the concept of beauty in today’s world. In a society where filters are routine, we advocate embracing unfiltered authenticity. Just like Australia’s landscape, beautiful in its raw perfect form, we too should embrace our unaltered selves. It’s also a statement we should be saying to ourselves. 

 You Beauty: Unfiltered by Francesca

You Beauty is a statement brought forth by nature; and a strong statement about nature. The human kind of nature.

This campaign is a collective contemplation of “what is beauty in today’s society?” In a modern world where ‘putting on a filter’ is fast becoming second nature the moment you see yourself on screen, what happened to the value of embodying a beautiful nature?

Through our actions, we seek to call out the flaw in constant flaw-finding behaviours, and replace them with a celebration and acceptance of unfiltered individuality.

The Australian landscape is beautiful in its raw imperfect form, not in spite of it. Being in nature is a reminder, by nature, that true beauty lies in being the most natural version of yourself. Free from alteration and perfection.

“You Beauty!” are the two words organically flowing from your lips when you witness the stunning raw beauty of the Australian nature, and also when you experience a beautiful trait in someone you know.

It’s also a statement we should be saying to ourselves.


Meaningful Designs


The You Beauty Collection features designs inspired by the Australian landscape with unique molten designs and four iconic colour-ways in the form of natural stones. 

The colours featured throughout the collection are blue to represent the vast seas that surround us, green to represent ancient forests, white to represent the way light is reflected on the water, and amber to represent the golden hues on the horizon when the sun rises and sets.

You Beauty Design Meaning: 
Lapis: The deep-blue stone and its mesmerising golden flecks symbolise the depth of the ocean surrounding our beautiful coastline.
Citrine: The warm, vibrant amber stone resembles the glowing sunset skies as it illuminates the plains of desert sand 
Emerald CZ: The rich emerald-green hues embodies the lush flora and foliage found in our living, breathing Australian rainforest.
Opal: “The iconic Aussie gem that epitomises the diversity of the land, beautiful from every angle and fascinating to discover.
Molten Gold: The brushed and rippled golden tones are reminiscent of the sand’s movements.
Imprints: Gold is imprinted with the delicate details of Australian flora

The campaign showing Creative Director Rachel's journey of finding inspiration for the collection can be viewed here. In her travels back to Hawks Nest, a place that holds so many special memories of where her and Hannah grew up, beauty found in nature and human nature was truly highlighted.


The Ripples in the Sand

“Spending most weekends as kids ‘sand duning’ on boogie boards I knew this was a place I wanted to revisit and draw inspiration from. The ripples formed in the untouched sand dunes that are being whipped into shape by the wind is a reminder that there is beauty in change, irregular shapes and contours.” - Rachel Vasicek.

The Dune Pearl Earrings: “Inner beauty, like sand's ripples, holds an enduring elegance untouched by time.”




Sunrise’s Warm Orange Hues

“In witnessing the sun rise and set many times in Hawks Nest, I was inspired by the depth of contrast. From completely dark to bright light, with every shade in between. The sparkling reflection on the water when the sun hits the sand and the surface of the water. I knew that the citrine stone would encapsulate this mood and be a beautiful wearable reminder of the sun’s daily rise and fall.”

Myall Ring: “Embrace the vibrant energy of a sunrise as your soul resonates within its gentle light.” 



From Above, Reflected Below

“Noticing the beauty above gave a fresh perspective to the colours and patterns reflected in the water below. The changing blue hues are a reminder of how beauty can be found in many forms.”

Bennett Charm: “Inner beauty, like ocean depths unveils its treasures to those who truly explore.” 



Untouched Ancient Beauty

“Coming back home to Tasmania and immersing myself in the vibrant green forests and seeing all of the incredible detail everywhere I looked. The ancient forests are a reminder that there’s beauty in age. Without adding the year on year growth to these ancient wonders, they wouldn’t behold their unique beauty. It made me really appreciate the concept of ageing, and how truly
beautiful it is.” - Rachel Vasicek.

Tarkine Necklace: “Embrace the wisdom of a rainforest, each year adding layers of strength, character, and beauty to your journey.”


A Commitment to the Community

In the true nature of giving back, as part of the You Beauty campaign, Francesca has announced pledging 1% of employees hours to volunteering in the community going forward, highlighting the beauty in human nature. 

So far our teams have volunteered their time at Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary, caring for the animals; run a beading day at Ronald McDonald House, providing distraction and support for families with sick children; and cooking at St. Vincent De Paul, providing home cooked meals to those struggling. 

With giving back being at the core of what Francesca is about, the quote, “success means nothing, unless you’re giving back” is at the centre of everything. The pledge to contribute to communities is something that will continue annually with Francesca’s staff.

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