Lunar Collection - Francesca by Fredrika

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This week we released the our latest collection, Lunar, with the ever-so-stylish, Fredrika Akander (@fakander). Fredrika is our style muse, so we thought it was perfect to do a collection together with a beautiful meaning behind it.

As the name suggests, Lunar was inspired by a half moon. Even when only half the moon shines, the other half still exists. It’s an important reminder that there’s more to life than what people can see, it’s what’s within that counts. With such a focus placed on gaining approval from others for your self-worth in this day and age, it’s important to remember that there is so much more to you than what people see on the outside. Your values and beliefs make up who you are as a person, and the Lunar Collection represents that.



Fredrika helps celebrate the meaning behind the Lunar Collection, with her chic, effortless style. With her look in mind, we designed Lunar to complete effortless looks alike, so that everyone can create their own style with their Lunar pieces!


The design itself incorporates this beautiful half circle, with our logo embedded in the centre. We thought the simplicity in this design is what makes it so luxe, and follows the layered necklace trend nicely.


How to style. . .

Coming into the warmer months, the Lunar Collection is perfect for lighter layers. Pair with linens, tortoiseshell details, and woven bags for a look that will last all summer!




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