Etched With Love: Modern Tales Of Motherhood, A Series - Abby's Story

Abby: On Overcoming Fertility Odds

Meet Abby, mum of Remielle, a fiercely brave and determined woman who faced fertility battleground until the one remaining embryo she had led to the birth of her pure bundle of joy. 

Q: Can you share a little about your journey leading up to motherhood?

“I had suffered from endometriosis since I was 16 so I always knew it might be hard but I didn’t know exactly how hard it would be. We tried to conceive for about three years before we realised we would need a bit of help from someone else. So we then did fertility treatment for eight years and in that time we had one loss and it saw me in intensive care, nearly dying, and about six months of recovery from that.”

“By that point we’d pretty much given up almost all hope, but then in our last round of IVF we got one embryo and were surprised and delighted to find out we had successfully gotten pregnant with Remi.
We call her lucky, but really it’s us that’s lucky, because not everyone gets to do this. My heart has never felt so full, now, even after a year I still feel like she’s the most beautiful dream and I am grateful every day that she’s real.”

Q: How did you find pregnancy after such a challenging journey to get there?

“The pregnancy itself wasn’t easy. I ended up with a subchorionic haematoma and bled for the first sixteen weeks of my pregnancy, with that fear of loss the whole way along. Luckily though I got to enjoy the last two trimesters and really embraced what my body was able to do and that it could take me through the journey and deliver a healthy, happy beautiful little girl, our Remielle, Remi for short.”


Q: In what ways has motherhood shaped or changed you?

“I honestly feel like a completely different person. I have watched this body go through pregnancy and then nurture and feed our daughter through her first year and still can’t believe this body is mine. I am kinder to my body now for sure and feel amazed that women’s bodies can do this, it’s the craziest super power, growing a human is just insane.”

“I also feel a deeper level of empathy for complete strangers and feel an instant connection with other mothers. The responsibility of raising a little human like this, is such a beautiful bond to share, whether you have birthed a baby or it’s come into your care it’s such a beautiful gift to raise a little human.”

Q: What do you love most about being a mum?

“Absolutely everything. Her smile, her laugh, her little hand in mine, there’s an amazing tight little hug she does putting her hands around the back of my neck before she goes to sleep, and when she’s trying to figure things out she looks at me with this deep connection in her eyes. Honestly my heart has never felt so full, I am grateful every day she is real.”

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