Canteen - October Awareness Bracelet

This October we have created an Awareness Bracelet to support Canteen, an organisation that supports young people in Australia impacted by the diagnosis of cancer. Whether it be themselves, or a close family member, Canteen offers many support services to aid with education and community. We are so proud to partner with them for the month of October, and have designed a beautiful bracelet that reflects the values of Canteen, and their overall messages of hope and support. With $20 from every bracelet sold donated, we want to help Canteen make a difference and support them as much as possible. It is so important at Francesca that we give back, and we love how much difference our Charity pieces can make. A perfect purchase to add to your stack collection, or a beautiful gift idea for someone close to your heart, we know that you’ll love this months’ Canteen Awareness Bracelet.
The Awareness Bracelet - Concept and Purpose
"Hope tells us to look beyond what is and to see what could be." (Green Moonstone)
If you’ve followed us for a while, you might remember some of our previous Awareness Bracelets that have partnered with organisations such as Lifeline, Endometriosis Australia, Yalari Indigenous Education as well as many more. In addition to our monthly bracelet designs, we have a permanent charity collection supporting both the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and Be Her Freedom, a charity committed to helping women around the world in human trafficking. This collection includes bracelets, as well as some beautiful pendants and charms available both online or in store.
Our October Awareness bracelet is our classic charity design, with semiprecious stones clustered and 4 metal spacer bars allowing the optional addition of charms. The stones chosen for each design are dependent on the meaning and story we want to tell, and we make sure that each month our stones reflect the values of the organisation that we partner with. This month, we have chosen Larimar and Green Moonstone for our Canteen Bracelet. Larimar is the stone of happiness and brings light and love to those who wear it. It is known as the stone that represents the sun dancing on water, and harmonises the body and soul by dispelling negative energy, much like the sea. Green Moonstone pairs beautifully alongside, as the stone of Hope. Moonstone encourages self-reflection and re-energises the mind, helping you to be the best version of yourself. Like the moon, this beautiful gem reminds us that light will always shine through the dark. These two stones have powerful messages, and we believe that they support Canteen beliefs as well as ours.
The Awareness Bracelets are designed not only to support different organisations, but also allow you to connect on a deeper level with some of the charities we have chosen to work with. We know that cancer affects so many families throughout Australia, and we believe that it is important to recognise that. This piece might be very personal to you, or you might know of someone for whom it would be. It is a beautiful way to acknowledge Canteen’s work in Australian communities, and to tie your own story in with the story of the Awareness bracelet.
"Find happiness in everyday to live the fulfilled life you deserve" (Larimar)
What is Canteen?
Canteen is the only organisation in Australia that provides individual and tailored support for people aged 12-25 who have recently been diagnosed themselves, or have had a close family member or friend diagnosed with cancer. Being a not-for-profit organisation, they work tirelessly to offer services to young people and connect people who might be going through the same situation. 
Every single year 23,000 people in between the ages of 12-25 are impacted by cancer. This is an overwhelming number and Canteen was created with the goal to help young people feel less alone, and to support them in as many ways as possible. Every day, around 58 young people have a parent diagnosed with cancer, and 3 young people themselves are diagnosed. Canteen offers free information and resources, online and face-to-face counselling and 24/7 support communities, and for young people who have been diagnosed- treatment and support services in hospitals around the country are available. Their support for 12-25 year olds is remarkable, and they understand that the impact of cancer doesn’t stop just because treatment has, and that young people experience physical, emotional, and social effects of cancer long after their treatment has ended. Their work is underpinned by a research and evaluation team, who want to transform the lives of these young people.
In a year, canteen provides nearly 500 online events for people in similar situations to meet and connect, and generated more that 70,000 individual interactions in the past 12 months. With just 6 months of support from the canteen, almost two thirds of young people receiving their help have said that they experienced improved mental health and wellbeing. Generating hope and happiness in the lives of these young people is so important, and Canteen does a fantastic job of lifting people up, and helping them know that they do not have to face cancer alone.
Canteen’s work is not unnoticed, and we are so proud to support them this month and help to make a difference in the lives of many young Australians.
Design & Styling
Our Awareness bracelets start with industry strength elastic, providing strength and endurance for everyday wear! Choose from solid sterling silver, or 14k rose or yellow gold finding for your metal bars and gold filled beads. Finally, marvel at the beautiful, ethically sourced stones that feature. These are hand beaded and put together by our talented beading team in our Hobart studios. The bracelets are designed to last, and can be worn alone to really focus on the stones and meaning, or can be stacked with other bracelets for a statement look. Try our Staple Bracelets, or our newest Create Link Bracelet to sit nicely next to. Available in small, medium or large sizings, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit.
If you’re new to our Franc designs, you might not know that all of our bracelets featuring a bar, means you can add on any charms you would like, to personalise and make your own! This goes for our Awareness bracelets too, they're a perfect way to make a difference, and connect with your own personal story. You can shop any of our charms, and can pick your favourites to be added onto your bracelet with care. Whether it be an Alpha letter for someone’s name, a petite birthstone, or a heart warming charm from our Behold Collection, there are so many options that would pair gorgeous on the October Awareness bracelet.
You can wear your bracelet alongside some Cassidy or Bailey studs, and a Franc Create Chain for a beautiful and simple look. Or layer Rope and Bobble chain necklaces, and put on a pair of Keshi earrings with your bracelet for a glamourous look that will be sure to wow. The great thing about these bracelets, is the adaptability and versatility to wear them with such a range of other pieces for different styles and occasions. They are a staple piece for sure, but also bring such a deeper meaning with their donation and background.
Giving back is why we created these Awareness Bracelets at Francesca. It is so important to us, and we truly appreciate everyone who contributes to Canteen by purchasing an October bracelet. Whether it be for yourself, or as a gift for a loved one, we are sure that you’ll love the quality, design, and meaning behind the stones and concept. We absolutely love all that Canteen stands for, and all that they do. Canteen provides such a strong and important message of hope to young people in Australia affected by cancer, and together we can help them reach more teens and make an even bigger difference.
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