A Busy Girl’s Guide for What to Take On Your Next Travel Adventure


As a jewellery label that travels the world, here at Francesca it’s safe to say we’ve got used to learning how to pack quickly and pack well.

Between travelling to Bali to shoot new campaigns, Hong Kong to source stones, Thailand to work with our welders and Melbourne to touch base with our Melbourne Flagship store we’re constantly on the move and have learned how to pack like pros with little notice.

So, as seasoned jet-setters, we’ve managed to learn what travel essentials are absolute non negotiables (hello travel jewellery box) and what can be left behind (and we won’t lie, most often this has been a case of trial and error). The best part is, our packing lessons along the way mean we now can share what we’ve learned and hopefully help you pack for your next holiday with ease.

See our list of travel essentials (and the non-essentials) below to help you ease into holiday mode without the stress of packing as well as a few golden tips we’ve learned along the way.

what to pack:

  • wardrobe staples - Think a classic white shirt, pair of denim or black jeans, leather or denim jacket, little black dress and a few basic cotton t-shirts.

  • practical and pretty shoes - A pair of trainers or comfy flats will get you through a busy day of shopping but you’ll want at least one pair of heels or heeled boots to elevate your look at night.

  • a signature scent - Nothing evokes memories more than a scent. Having a perfume to wear will not only stop you feeling like a traveller who may or may not have had a shower in 24 hours (#planelife) but choosing a scent that will represent that trip will always be a nice way to remember it long after you’ve returned.

  • key jewellery pieces - This one is an absolute essential for us, naturally. We recommend packing a mix of classic gold or silver signature jewellery (such as our Iridescent necklace or signature pendant along with a few fun statement pieces such as colourful Franc Stack or bold Amos pendant.

  • a travel jewellery box - We wouldn’t be a jewellery label if we didn’t care about how to store our precious cargo. Our travel jewellery box (currently unavailable)is the perfect petite travel size (16cm x 11cm) and allows you to hooks necklaces and earrings in the lid (because no girl has time to untangle chains!) and a main compartment that fits rings, studs and bracelets. All while backed on a beautiful velvet insert; making it the perfect travel companion.

  • a carry all clutch and purse - If there’s one thing you MUST have when travelling, it’s a place to store and keep hold of your most precious items (aka passport and credit cards). Make sure to have a slimline wallet that has space to fit cards and keys (such as our Francesca purse ) and also a stylish clutch that will fit your wallet but also transition from day to night looks easily. We love our Franc Pouch that combines a classic leather look with a modern metal touch.

what not to pack:

  • ‘maybe’ outfits - If you pick up an item and think ‘mmm maybe I’ll wear it’ then realistically you probably won’t. Learn to trust your gut. If it isn’t a natural grab, then leave it behind. Save more room for shopping!

  • lots of socks - Just why? Unless you’re trekking mountains for a long extended time, you won’t be getting sweaty feet enough to go through that many pairs. Be practical. Pack a pair for cold feet at night and maybe an extra two pairs to go with boots or trainers.

  • every jewellery item you own - As much as we love our jewellery at Francesca, we also are smart about what we bring. Unless we need to take extra for a shoot or to give feedback to our suppliers, we keep it minimal. The main reason being if luggage was lost we don’t want to lose hundreds of dollars worth of jewellery. Pack a small selection (as recommended above) into a travel jewellery box to take both in luggage and carry on and then your most precious item (i.e. engagement or wedding ring) wear on your finger to keep it safe at all times.

  • large toiletry items - Again, we can’t emphasise the importance of additional space for shopping! Unless you’re going to a remote part of the world with no amenities available, we recommend a small carry on with basic toiletries for the flight and then buy the rest when you get there.

travel tips:

  • Safety in numbers - Where possible always find a friend to accompany you if you feel nervous, uncertain or unsafe (especially at night).

  • Plan any medical precautions - Most Asian countries it’s recommended to get a malaria or typhoid injection as well as taking lots of mosquito repellent. Talk to your GP before you go to make sure you are up-to-date with everything you need to travel safely.

  • Roll don’t fold - Seriously, if you’re big spenders like us, there’s no way you will fit all your shopping purchases into a 20kg limit case without rolling as many items in your suitcase as you can. Rolling always allows you to fit a little more in, always!

  • Bring an emergency kit with you - We’re not just talking first aid. Definitely have band-aids and painkillers at the ready (because high heels = killer!) but we also swear by bringing a basic sewing kit with a needle and thread, safety pins and a button. If  shopping is on the agenda, clothes can get torn (especially if you’re fast shoppers like us!).

  • Bring a back-up jewellery box - This is something we can’t stress enough. If your luggage ends up lost, it’s devastating to lose any precious jewellery you own, especially if it’s sentimental or expensive. If you have a second travel jewellery box and put your most valuable pieces in it and take it on carry on, the extra jewellery that’s perhaps a little less sentimental can go in your main luggage and that way you’ve backed yourself in case the worst happens.

packing tips from the pros:

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