Lockets & Locket Necklaces

Hold those special memories and preserve unforgettable moments with our range of Locket Necklaces. Whether you are saving special memories, seeking to find a meaningful gift for someone special or indulging in a keepsake that you will treasure forever, our locket necklaces are the perfect piece for any memorable occasion.

Our three hand-designed locket pendants are available in Sterling Silver, Gold, and Rose gold. Select either one or two images from your phone or digital device, and we will print them online and in-store for you! Printed in black and white, our team will carefully place the images inside your selected silver, rose gold or gold locket, along with the option of a larger print that will slide into the top of your necklace box. Our complimentary signature gift wrap will finalise and secure your piece and then you're ready to go.

Wear your locket on its own as a solo piece or stack it with a selection of our chains to achieve an on-trend layered look.

Discover our exclusive collection of locket pendants and necklaces below. 

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Lockets & Locket Necklaces

Locket Necklaces | Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Locket?

A locket is a type of pendant that opens to hold one or two small images that have a sentimental meaning to the heart of the wearer.

Personalised Locket Pendants have long been adored for their vintage design and sentimentality, making them a popular gifting option for any age and occasion such as Valentine’s Day, Weddings, Anniversaries and Birthdays.

How Do I Select a Locket?

If you’re looking to find how to treat yourself or someone special to an everlasting locket necklace, refer to our guide below, where we share tips to help you in selecting the perfect Locket Necklace.

Your Locket Necklace Guide

Choose Your Material: Solid Sterling Silver, 14k Rose Gold, or Gold plated 2 microns on Silver.

The metal tone is the first thing to consider when searching for the perfect Locket Necklace. If you’re unsure which tone suits you, head into our shop at one of our locations and our experienced staff can assist you in trying on our metal tones.

Otherwise, as a helpful rundown:

  • Sterling Silver is best suited to people with cool skin undertones, it is also perfect for those jewellery wearers who love to always keep their pieces on. Cool undertones range from pink and blue to purple and red. If your veins appear blue or purple, you have a cool undertone.

  • Rose gold can suit many skin tones, it can bring out redness and warm tones in the skin. If you have a pinkish undertone, this colour does highlight redness.

  • Yellow gold is a favourite among many and can suit people with warm undertones. Warm undertones vary from yellow to golden! 

While this may be useful, we firmly believe that you should always wear the tone that they feel most comfortable in. So what’re you waiting for, pick your favourite locket stock!  

Pick the Shape & Size of Your Locket Pendant 

The next step is to consider the shape and size of your locket.

Our three locket designs:

  • Oval Locket: A classic slimline oval-shaped design, with a small Cubic Zirconia set into the centre. A timeless choice that is sure to suit a loved one or close friend!

  • Round Locket: This circle design can fit a slightly wider print inside, the perfect choice for a subtle look.

  • Bevel Locket: A rectangular-shaped design, with a tiny Cubic Zirconia set into the centre. A popular choice for those wanting something bolder.

  • Treasure Locket: a rectangular-shaped design, with a slight difference in the intricate design on the face. A flawless choice for those adding texture to their necklaces!

As for size, our lockets are all 16mm x 12mm. This is the perfect size for pendants as it’s not too big and not too small, it’s just right! 

How Do I Choose a Chain For My Locket?

To complete a Locket Necklace look, you must select and add a chain that supports the pendant.

This is another major style choice that will change the look and feel of your look. Our lockets can be attached to any of these five chain styles:

  • 50cm Franc Create Chain — If you like to keep your style simple and paired back, the plain chain is the perfect option and a staple loved by everyone!

  • Bobble — Our Bobble Chain is designed for the minimalist who is looking to add a slight detail to their necklace combo while keeping it classic. We love our bobble chain paired with a shorter, chunkier chain option in either the Rope or Link chains.  

  • Rope — The Rope Chain is perfect if you are looking for a shorter and slightly chunkier chain. This chain is thicker than our bobble chain, 50cm and 80cm options, making it the ideal statement piece and the perfect short-layer addition.

  • Link — The classic link chain is always in fashion. Its versatility allows it to be dressed up or down depending on the event. It's also a great option for those looking to add a shorter layer to their necklace combination.

  • 80cm Franc Create Chain - If you like your chains to sit lower on your neck, the longer-styled chain is perfect for you. It provides more flexibility for the wearer to adjust it to a shorter length if necessary.

Choose Your Locket Necklace Photo

The final step to complete your Locket Necklace is to choose the images to place inside the locket. Select one or two images that can be placed inside your selected locket necklace. It may be a special note, a priceless picture you wish to treasure forever or a memory that holds a place close to your heart.

How Do I Print a Photo for a Locket?

Wondering how to print a photo small enough to fit inside your selected locket?

You don’t have to!

Our team will take care of the printing and fitting process for you. All you need to do is either submit your photos online before adding your locket to your cart or bring in a digital copy of your images in-store. Printed on black and white photo paper, your images will be carefully placed inside the locket, with the option to add some of complimentary gift wrapping. So, it’s ready to gift or wear as soon as you receive it.

How Do I Style My Locket Necklace?

When it comes to jewellery, we believe in styling your pieces however look and feel right for you. Jewellery helps us give meaning and express ourselves, everyone has a different style so there isn’t a right or wrong way to layer!

If you're stuck, here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Stack your locket with a maximum of two other necklaces for an optimal layered look. A tip is to ensure each necklace is different in texture or size and should sit at slightly different lengths. This will ensure they do not get tangled!

  • Pair your locket with a v-neck or square-line top for full visibility and to accentuate the pendant. 

  • When wearing your locket, opt for simplicity in your earring stack. Choose a pairing of Huggies or studs to avoid a busy look. 

  • Take inspiration from recent street-style trends and mix and match your jewellery colours. Pair your gold locket with silver rings for an unexpected twist.

Have other questions about locket necklaces? We’d love to hear from you.