Defining Beauty With Our You Beauty Muses

We asked the models featured in our You Beauty campaign how they define beauty and what beauty looks like to them. Here is what they said:




I think what makes someone beautiful is so much more than what you see on the outside. Unfortunately what society and the media has taught us, is that there is only one standard of beauty, and that’s only what you look like.

For me, I find beauty in the little things, in people’s characteristics, in people’s so called flaws, in their passions, in their excitement. I think that is what makes us all so different and exciting.

I love being part of the You Beauty Campaign. It’s so refreshing to see a brand take such an interest and passion in portraying positivity and authenticity



I feel most beautiful when I’m on my own country with my family. Laughing, yarning and eating good food. 

It’s funny because I think feeling beautiful has nothing to do with your appearance. 

I think being in nature constantly reminds me to be my authentic self. I think we can learn a lot from nature. We can truly learn to love who we are, just as we love nature - in its purest form.

What makes someone beautiful to me is the way they hold themselves. The way they carry themselves. The way they are with others. 

When you fully accept yourselves and are fully happy with the person you are inside and out, is what beauty is to me.

When I was asked to be part of this campaign, I was so over the moon because I think this message is so important, especially in today’s day and age. Tio fully accept and love who you are inside and out is a message that doesn’t get told, but it needs to be told.


Luisa Dunn


I find beauty in watching a mother love herself so unconditionally that she gives her daughter a road map of how to do the same.

I see beauty in connection with the way we make other people feel.

I see beauty in honesty and authenticity.

I find beauty in the colours and textures of nature. 

I find beauty being outdoors and feeling the sun on my skin.

The times that I feel most beautiful would have nothing to do with how I look but everything to do with how I feel. It’s about being around people who make you feel safe and comfortable to be yourself.

Beauty is about being able to love yourself unconditionally and not use other people’s measurements to determine your worth.

Beauty is in imperfection, in the flaws and failures. It’s in the complexities that makes us human. That’s what makes us beautiful.

I see beauty in kindness and compassion. I see beauty in creativity and the way people express their personalities through style and fashion.

I see beauty in a woman unafraid and unapologetically themselves

I see beauty in the detail and to appreciate the small things in life that truly do make it beautiful.

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