The Meaning Behind Tourmaline: The October Birthstone

The Meaning Behind Tourmaline: The October Birthstone

Gift a Libra or Scorpio you know with their October birthstone tourmaline and discover its ancient meanings and energetic properties with our guide below.

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It’s likely you know your zodiac sign and what unique characteristics you may behold at an energetic level, but have you ever dived into the spiritual meaning of your birthstone?

Be it for spiritual or just sentimental reasons, having a October birthstone or gifting one to a beloved is a most beautiful, tangible token to hold onto for energetic support.  

With October coming up, now is the time to lean into the subtle side and discover more about the October birthstone (tourmaline) and what it may symbolise, represent or be powerful for using as a tool to harness new things into the season ahead.


With so many gemstones out there and the tourmaline meaning varying between its three main hues (green tourmaline, black tourmaline and pink tourmaline), we’ve created a guide to help you navigate the energetic field of tourmaline and how its healing properties can be personalised to support you.

To learn about the tourmaline meaning and discover our pink tourmaline pieces read on below.

A Guide To Tourmaline

The History Of Tourmaline

The October birthstone tourmaline is a newer gemstone edition to symbolise October, with the opal long regarded as the first October birthstone.

However, in time the National Association of Jewellers decided to create a list of accepted birthstones for each month, in 1952. The opal had become considered by some to be too feminine and less durable so tourmaline was updated as a newer October birthstone.

Tourmaline, unlike the opal, comes in a variety of colours, with the word originally stemming from the  Sinhalese (Sri Lanka) word ‘‘tormalli’ meaning “stone with mixed colours.”

From pink to blue, green, black and yellow tourmaline represents all colours of the rainbow, something which ancient mystics believed indicated the quality of ‘artistic expression’ for those born in October, with a colour palette for every mood. It is also said each colour can hold a different reaction or property depending on the wearer.

The Symbolic Meaning Of Tourmaline

With an array of colours from across all corners of the rainbow, the meaning of tourmaline will inevitably vary depending on the hue and the person who beholds it.

As the birthstone for October, pink tourmaline has become the most popular choice, however green tourmaline, black tourmaline and other tourmaline crystals all have powerful energetic qualities too. 

So to help you tap into which one intuitively holds resonance for you we’ve created an overview of the main symbolism surrounding the main properties of black tourmaline, pink tourmaline and green tourmaline.

Pink tourmaline meaning

Rosy in colour, pink tourmaline is a feminine, heart based energy, embodying beauty and love. 

Said to heal stress and encourage warmth, friendliness and inner confidence, pink tourmaline will energetically shift negative thoughts away and offer October born (friendly, confident and independent) self love and inner compassion.

Energetic powers include:  Self-confidence, creativity, capacity for understanding.

Black tourmaline meaning

In contrast, the black tourmaline birthstone is a dark inky tone that is said to both protect and ground. Black tourmaline can be held at any time to repel negative energies and also cloak the wearer or holder in a safety blanket, guarded from unwanted forces.

Connected to the base chakra, the properties of black tourmaline encourage a grounded state of being and a sense of sturdiness and security to earth. When your root chakra is balanced by black tourmaline, it brings a deep-seated confidence in who you are.

Energetic powers include: alleviating anxious or negative energy, grounding and sense of safety.

Green tourmaline meaning

A fern green shade, green tourmaline is associated with rekindling the energy of the heart and revitalising life force energy. It is said that when used effectively it can help the beholder tap into their emotional body, move past aggravations of the mind and identify the stress or trauma that’s at the root of the true feelings. 

Once brought to light, those tapping into the properties of green tourmaline can expect to know what has held them back and move forward with clarity, ease and reinvigorated energy.

Energetic powers include: heightened self awareness, growth and direction. 

The Best Tourmaline Jewellery For Those Born In October

Having brushed up on the energetic properties surrounding the October birthstone, why not indulge in the stone as a ‘self care’ purchase and select a tourmaline jewellery piece that holds resonance for you or someone you love this season.

With an array of tourmaline jewellery at Francesca from pink tourmaline necklaces to charms, there is sure to be a piece that calls to you.

In our current charm collection, we have two main pink tourmaline jewellery designs - the Ingot Birthstone Charm or the Petite Birthstone Charm.

Both charms are available in sterling silver, rose or gold and feature a pink tourmaline stone in the centre that can be added to a charm bracelet or attached to a Francesca chain necklace.

For those who like Ingot insignia but don’t want to purchase two pieces and would rather buy a necklace as a stand alone piece, the Ingot Necklace is for you. Can’t decide on which symbol? Get both as a set with our ​​Birthstone Necklace that features both charms. Double the pink tourmaline, double the love we say.

Once you begin building your pink tourmaline birthstone pieces you can always add a hint more pink too with our pink tinged jewellery that will compliment any tourmaline piece. 

Pink pieces we love include the:petal studs, bowie bracelet, charm bracelet, woodstock chain

To learn more about birthstones see our birthstone guide here or shop tourmaline jewellery piece directly here.

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