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Finding the right ring size


Your fingers look like they could use some love! And while our rings will fix that and have the potential to bedazzle nearby strangers with blinding light reflections, you’ll probably need to know your size!
Lucky for you we have these amazing, fandangled ring sizers that will tell you what size you need exactly!! And hold up - four letters, one word, say it and it will be yours… Oh no, sorry not sale or love - in fact we’re going one better - FREE. Yep, you heard it here first, we will give you a free ring sizer!
Click here to get your free ring sizer - don’t forget to come back once you’ve got yours, because I’ll take you through the process of how to use it!


Oh great, you’re back! Now let me show you how to use this amazing, life changing ring sizer of yours! First things first, our sizes range from a 5 to a 9!


Step one

Take the ring sizer and hold it blank side up.




Step two

Choose which finger you are wanting to give some love (or just generally want to measure) and loop the pointy end of the ring sizer and pull it through the little loop like a belt.

Step three

Make sure it fits comfortably and can move with ease off your finger! Once you you find this fit, you will see the number that the little arrow is pointed at! Boom, there you have magically revealed to you before your eyes, your ring size! Yay!


Now go and treat yourself to some beautiful new rings, and spoil those fingers of yours! xx

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