Francesca Tree Planting Day

Giving back has always been an important part of Francesca. From monthly Charity bracelets, to events partnered with wonderful organisations like Be Her Freedom, it has always been a huge part of our brand. In February 2021 we released the Conservation Charm, with the purpose of giving back. With one tree planted for every charm sold, we hoped that “Together we can give life to this earth”. In August 2021, we were able to achieve this goal by partnering with Landcare Tasmania, and planting over 100 trees.
14th August - Our Tree Planting Day
On the 14th August, we had our very first Tree Planting day! Some of our wonderful Francesca staff headed out to Landcare Tasmania and got down and dirty to start our Franc Forrest in Nipaluna (Hobart), and learn more about the incredible work that Landcare does.
The day started with an introduction from the Landcare team, and some learning about how important their work is for the future. We then separated into 3 teams, and began our mission planting trees and pulling out Spanish Heath weeds that take over native plants. The groups rotated so that everyone would both plant and weed. After planting 130 trees in total, the day ended with some more learning about some of the biggest threats to native flora and fauna. 
This was an incredibly fulfilling day, and left the whole team feeling exhausted, yet so satisfied with the efforts taken to plant trees pledged from our Conservation Charm! Being an extremely productive and informative day, the whole team at Francesca is so inspired by the brilliant work of Landcare Tas, and are thankful to every customer who purchased a Conservation charm and took part in this effort.
Learning about some of the biggest threats to native wildlife and ecosystems, and acknowledging how important it is to give back and support our natural earth made this day a really important event for Francesca to take part in. We are so glad we were able to make a difference through our beautiful Conservation Charm.
Steps toward a greener future
“The world is rapidly changing. And our climate and environment are changing faster. If we want to tackle the environmental challenges before us, we need to be flexible, able to adapt, and we need to work together.” - Landcare Tasmania
We were so glad to partner with Landcare Tas on such a wonderful project. They have been helping local communities care for lands and coasts throughout Lutruwita (Tasmania) since 1994, and their team is a small but dedicated one. They are an independent, non-profit organisation that cares deeply about our earth and how to best take care of it. Working with them was incredibly motivating, and inspiring for our whole team. Through their conferences, work with community groups, and various events, Landcare provides such a wonderful opportunity to help make a difference.

At Francesca, we are passionate about ways to give back. While we partner with so many wonderful charities, we definitely hope to become more sustainable as a whole. One of our goals as a company is to become BCorp certified. This would mean being verified by a third party to “meet the highest global standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance purpose with profit”. - Certified B Corporation. There are currently no Australian Jewellery brands that have achieved this, so we hope to lead the way for Sustainable Jewellery in Australia. While this is something we hope to achieve, it definitely will be a long journey of many changes both small and large within our company. Our Tree Planting Day is definitely a step in the right direction, and we hope to continue to make changes and efforts towards sustainability in the future.
At the foundation of this whole event (and the reason it could happen in the first place), is our Conservation Charm. The charm features an engraved image of two hands, supporting the branch of a tree. It brings messages of hard work, regeneration, and making a difference. For each charm sold, a tree was pledged to be planted by our Francesca team. This tree planting day fulfilled these up to date, but we hope to continue to pledge trees and work with Landcare Tas for a second planting day. Available in Solid sterling silver, or 14K Rose or Yellow Gold 2 microns plating on Silver, this charm is beautifully added to any of our chains for a classic look. Add some significance to your layered necklace look with this charm next to a Rope Chain, or wear it alone to really feature the engraved image. This charm pairs beautifully with any of our hoops, as the size and style are similarly glamorous yet comfortable.

This charm was created with the sole purpose of making an effort to help our earth, and taking a step towards our commitment to our sustainability journey. It definitely isn’t the only effort we will make to do better, but it is a start, and something that we are incredibly proud of. We are aware of our impact on the environment, and this is our way of giving back to nature. Similarly to our other Charity pieces, this charm represents our morals and beliefs as a company, and is a reminder of the importance of giving back.
This experience was both educational, and inspiring to say the least! We are so thankful to every customer who purchased the Conservation Charm in store or online, and helped contribute to our Tree Planting Day. We hope that we continue to spark goodwill, and that we soon can plant more trees with Landcare Tasmania. The challenges we face with rapidly evolving climate change conditions are something to focus on, and put time and energy towards. We hope to continue to grow as a company, and help make change for the better.
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