What To Write On A Mother’s Day Card


It’s often said it’s the thought that counts, but if words of affirmation are your mum’s love language or you don’t share how you feel that often, then taking the time to plan a handwritten card can count for a lot.

Yet often knowing what’s in your heart versus writing it down can be much more challenging than it gets credit for. For those wondering what to write on a Mother’s Day card, we’ve penned some thoughtful suggestions that you can use as a starting point to help add a little sparkle to mum’s special day - plus a few Mother’s Day jewellery ideas you can choose from too.

But first a valuable tip worth noting in regards to our Mother’s Day complimentary services. 

For those that find shopping for a Mother’s Day card or gift wrapping a tedious task (because let's be honest, choosing the gift can sometimes feel hard enough!) then we’re delighted to share that we offer a beautiful service that will make your life 10 x easier ahead of Mother’s Day.

If contemplating Mother’s Day jewellery ideas from us at Francesca but are not yet sure this may be what helps you decide… 

Francesca offers complimentary gift wrapping AND an option to purchase a greeting card through our jewellery site. The best part too is that we can handwrite your personalised note for you. 

So whether it’s that you have messy handwriting or wish to send it to mum directly without the fuss of bringing the gift home and going through the motions of wrapping and writing a card before posting then we’ve got you covered. 

Which means all you need to know is what Mother’s Day jewellery ideas will make for a perfect present and what you want us to scribe for you in the card. 

Rather than stress about overthinking let us help you - read on for ideas on what to write on a mother’s day card below along with personalised jewellery for new mums - and mum’s of any age.

7 Thoughtful Ideas for What To Write On A Mother’s Day Card

When all mum wants is a handwritten card think of these sentences as a beautiful little prompt to inspire you to continue on and share from the heart.

  1. Dear mum, right from the start you were there for me…. 
  2. Dear mum, thank you for always being there when I have needed you, thank you for …. 
  3. Dear mum, this year I am so grateful for all your support with ....
  4. Dear mum, each year as I grow older I recognise just how much time, love and energy you have invest in me…. You have made me into the [woman or man] I am. Thank you for…
  5. Dear mum, I am thankful for your [ love, support, help with, guidance, advice]
  6. Dear mum, this past year really taught me how much family means to me and how much you are a rock for me. Thank you for… 
  7. Dear mum, I now know where I get my [humour/looks/adventurous spirit] from. Thanks for the good genes and thanks for making me into the [great/caring/thoughtful] human I am today.

3 Mother’s Day Jewellery Gift Ideas Mum Will Love

A bespoke edit for Mother’s Day jewellery gift ideas from Francesca - including personalised jewellery for new mums and ​​personalised baby jewellery for mum. 

  1. Personalised jewellery

For new mumma’s out there celebrating the journey into motherhood, thoughtful Mother’s Day jewellery gift ideas that a hubby, wife or partner could give  - either as personalised jewellery for new mums or ​​personalised baby jewellery for mum -  is a piece from our personalised collection.

Popular personalised jewellery pieces we love from Francesca include: personalised necklaces featuring a rope letter charm (one for mum + one for bub’s initials), locket necklaces (featuring a photo of newborn) or if a daughter has recently been born one beautiful gift that makes for ​​personalised baby jewellery for a mum is the girl charm - worn on bracelet or necklace.

  1. Birthstone jewellery

For a mum who loves symbolic meanings or even a pop of colour,  a beautiful personalised jewellery piece for new mums or ​​personalised baby jewellery for mum could be birthstone jewellery.

As gemstone specialists, at Francesca we have a range of beautiful gemstone jewellery from bracelets to necklaces that you can choose from as Mother’s Day jewellery gift ideas to suit your mums colour, style, astrology quirks.

If gifting as personalised jewellery for new mums or hoping to gift ​​personalised baby jewellery for a mum then we recommend choosing the birthstone of the new child. Alternatively if you weren’t born yesterday (that’s us!) and have a mum who loves embracing her identity - gift her with her own birthstone month.

To shop our full range of birthstone jewellery see our main birthstone collection page or Colourwave collection for fun mediterranean inspired colour pop necklaces and latest fashion trending pieces.

  1. Zodiac jewellery

For a mum who secretly reads her horoscope in the Sunday paper each week or feels spiritually connected to her zodiac and loves astrology, you can’t go past zodiac signs as personalised jewellery pieces for new mums or ​​personalised baby jewellery for mum.

Whether your mum is born an ethereal water sign like pisces or cancer or a new mumma herself has been blessed with a beloved spirit baby that’s a fire, earth or air sign then our zodiac collection is a beautiful choice that works for personalised jewellery for new mums or ​​as personalised baby jewellery for a mum.

To select the appropriate zodiac for your mum, all you need to know is her birth date and google will tell you - if you don’t know already. Once you have her star sign then it’s as simple as selecting one of our beautiful zodiac collection themed pieces. 

With so many zodiac options to choose from including bracelets, charms, necklaces - in terms of Mother’s Day jewellery ideas that feel personalised you can’t go wrong with our astrology themed pieces.

Shop the zodiac collection or browse our Francesca site for a range of beautiful personalised jewellery pieces for new mums or ​​personalised baby jewellery for mum or mums-to-be by clicking here.

Still unsure what to write on a mother's day card? Ask us to pick a sentence for you (with your approval) or check out Hallmark here for a long Mother’s Day themed list.
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