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If the Mexicola Collection has kicked off your cocktail stack cravings, you’re not the only one! From brilliant oranges to bright blues and festive reds, we just can’t get enough of these crazy colour combinations. And while we know you’re loving our premade stacks, sometimes you’ve just gotta step out on your own and get a little creative. So whether you’re starting off a stack or looking to change up your current one, you’re sure to find some useful tips and inspo from our Franc HQ gals!



Two’s a pair, three’s a stack



The most common question we’re asked... How many bracelets should my Franc Stack have? Now we don’t want to remind you of your Grade 7 teacher but “How long is a piece of string?” Just joking...sort of. As long as you have three bracelets on your wrist, you’ve got a Franc Stack on! While most of our premade stacks feature between 4-6 bracelets, you can add as many as you like!


Start off with a strong base and then add in the fun!


A great base is always good - I’d suggest picking your base tone of silver, rose gold or yellow gold first”, says Hannah aka original Franc Stack Queen. “Once you have around three of these bracelets you can pop in some colour with our semi-precious range or some bling with our crystal range!


As for her must-have in a stack, Hannah 

I like to keep it petite - smaller diameter bracelets without going too chunky help me go from day to night! Popping in a crystal bracelet really helps add a little bling! - Hannah


Rachel likes to bring in the bold.

I always add in my Signature Cuff. The stacks are beautiful on their own, however I have to add in that little bit of solid contrast to really make it pop. I also love having my personalised Create piece - it’s unique to who I am and that’s really special. - Rachel


Make it personal.

I like to mix my stacks up all the time from different colours to just two tone metals, but my must haves in a Franc stack is the Mix it Up bracelet, the Grande Gradual bracelet, and a Francesca Create bracelet because you can add charms that have personal meanings to you! - Francesca


She’s a golden girl.

My must haves in a stack are one of our staple bracelets and a charm bracelet - both preferably in gold! Red and gold are my fav combo at the moment! - Kelsie


Keep it colourful.

I cannot seem to pick a metal colour and swap between all three! Inspired by the Mexicola Collection, I recently added an Orange Jade Franc Create to my yellow gold stack and am loving the extra vibrance.  Personally I love picking hues that work together really well like mixing up greys, rose golds and blushes. Your Franc stack can totally feature multiple colours as long as they all work together! - Lucy

It’s all about that bling!


My Franc Stack always has a mix of both yellow gold and silver! At the moment my two favourites are the white lustre with yellow gold and the silver bindi -  the lustre adds that bit of colour and bling! - Meg
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