The Mother’s Day Gift Guide

There’s no greater love than the love of a Mother and there’s no greater respect than that which we hold to our mothers.

As Abraham Lincoln once said, “All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” We love everything about this message. As long time devotees of Francesca may have seen, our mum has played a fundamental role in our life, the name behind the brand and even featured in our last Mother’s Day campaign, so suffice to say, we love our mum.

With Mother’s Day fast approaching on May 12th, we believe there’s nothing more important than honouring the women who have raised us to be the women we are today than with the most personalised gift and day possible.

The only difficult part is, how do you possibly show your mum how much they mean to you? With Mother’s Day an annual celebration, finding the perfect gift or thoughtful sentiment can be challenging and let’s be honest, hand cream and a massage voucher can only go so far.

Instead it’s all about creating a thoughtful gift that speaks to them and honours your relationship with them. To truly make this a reality, we’ve compiled a best gift guide to suit your mum alongside thoughtful tips to curate the perfect personalised present for your mamma.

the franc mother’s day gift guide:

the cool mum
This mum is pretty much Amy Poehler in Mean Girls (...okay maybe a little less intense and naturally cool). She likely tends to keep up with you and your sister, wearing all the latest accessories and fashion. As a ‘cool mum’ she will wear pretty much anything modern or on trend which makes for a fun choice. In terms of modern looks the Iridescent collection is beautiful and takes the traditional luminosity of a pearl and adds a modern metal twist. Or if she’s more about brands and statement pieces then the Signature collection will suit her any fashion statement.

the hippy mum
This mum can be found barefoot by the sea, looking up at the stars or practising yoga and meditation. She is all about natural skin care, horoscopes and often talks about the ‘universe’ and the full moon. A dreamer who is deeply spiritual, a ‘hippy mum’ is all about symbolism and their connection to life and love which is why she would love Zodiac, Birthstone or a bespoke charm piece made with love and connected to her passions like yoga (in which case the lotus charm is perfect!).

the chic mum

This mum would be most likened to Charlotte in Sex in the City. She wears Chanel no.5, can’t be seen without her lipstick and is all about timeless pearls. A beauty who would never leave the house without a full face of makeup and put together outfit, a ‘chic mum’ is all about classic jewellery and is best suited to pearls, diamonds or plain gold or silver pieces. If pearls would be her default choice, we recommend the Ivory necklace or Evie earrings. Or if diamonds are this girl’s best friend, the Malo necklace or studs are a beautiful choice.

the minimalist mum
This mum prefers to be understated, going for chic low key looks that are fuss-free but have a sense of effortlessness. She is all about her family and tends to think in terms of practicality, so for a ‘minimalist mum’ going plain gold or silver metal pieces or monochrome designs will work best with her style. For the minimalist mum, a Signature bar necklace, Halo bracelet or Lumier bracelet are likely to best compliment her low-key look.

the nature loving mum

This mum’s happy place is out in the garden watering her plants or going for long strolls by the beach. She holds a deep reverence for all plants, animals and natural environments and will often be found collecting sea shells, leaves, feathers and stones on her strolls. For a ‘nature loving’ mum, you can’t go further than a charm that reflects her love of the external world, so selecting a piece such as a acorn, sunflower bloom charm, abundance leaf charm or palm tree paradise charm to attach to a birthstone bracelet (also made of a natural mineral) is a truly thoughtful touch.

the expecting mum
This mum is yet to have her first child but is already on her way to motherhood. For an expecting father who wants to show gratitude for his wife ir mum-to-be, choosing a charm that symbolises the impending arrival is a beautiful way to honour the ‘expecting mum’ and her baby. If you know the sex of the baby (or their name), you could either get a letter to symbolise their first name, a ‘g’ or ‘b’ letter charm for the sex or an iconic ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ charm strung to a necklace or bracelet to celebrate the bub to bel. Or perhaps you could focus on the arrival date, in which case a birthstone charm for that month could be a beautiful gesture to celebrate the month the mum-to-be becomes a mum.

For more ideas on how to spoil your mum on Mother’s Day, check out Country Living for a beautiful list of special ways to celebrate the day. Or for a low key approach - breakfast in bed, a bunch of flowers and a card made or written with love will never go astray. Remember, whatever you do, if it comes from the heart, your mum will always be grateful for it.