The Collective Collection - Behind the Design


The Collective Collection

Alone we are strong, together we are powerful.


Inspired by the bonds of friendship, the Collective Collection is dedicated to the people in your life who make you who you are. The ones who laugh with you and cry with you, the ones that can go from wingwomaning you to documenting your most embarrassing moments and threatening to produce them on your birthday. Simply put, they are the friends that we just can’t live without. Representing strength through connection, the Collective Collection celebrates these friendships in all their glorious, messy and hilarious beauty!



The Collective Collection has such a powerful message behind it! What inspired you to create a collection around friendship and connection?


Hannah: We have always loved the quote ‘when women support each other incredible things happen’ and we try to bring into our lives and Francesca!  Society tells women to compete with each other, but in fact we need to do the opposite! When women are able to encourage, support and empower each other we become something far more powerful than any individual; we become a collective, and that is a force to be reckoned with!


We have an amazing team of 30 women who together are doing something powerful and making positive change! Francesca isn’t just Rachel and me; it’s the beaders, the sales teams and the HQ members; together we are Francesca and we are only as strong as each of them individually!

“Behind every strong woman is a tribe of other strong women who have her back”



How did you bring the concept of friendship and collectives into the design of the pieces?


H: We reflected a beautiful collection of equally strong links in each piece. We liked the idea that each individual link was strong, but join them together and they become something whole and powerful!


Who are the people in your life who make you who you are?

H: I see every interaction with others as an opportunity to grow and learn from someone else’s life experiences! I would say my family and friends are always encouraging me to be myself and keep striving to reach my full potential! They do say after all you are a reflection of who you surround yourself with.

Rachel: My friends and family challenge and inspire me on a daily basis, not gonna lie, sometimes they drive me insane, but my life is so much richer with them in it.


How would you style this collection/which other Franc pieces does it work well with?

H: We believe all our Franc collections should work seamlessly with season round styles! Our studs and hoops are the perfect every-day statement pieces which can look just as amazing with woolie jumpers in winter as they do with flowy white dresses in summer! Our Collective Necklace looks beautiful layered with a fine necklace like the Celestial Necklace or one of our long pendants - you can’t go wrong with the Signature Pendant! I wear mine all year round! Layered necklaces work so well with high neck knits and a coat over the top.


R: I popped the Collective Cuff in my stack the other day and now I haven’t taken it off. It’s so different to our stretch bracelets, so really helps to break it up. It’s a must have for any Franc Stack fan!



What is your favourite piece?


H: I really love the cuff, it is so versatile - can be worn on its own or added to my stack to give it some texture! 


R: I’ve always admired hoops from afar, but never been a wearer; that’s definitely changed with the Collective Hoops! They are such a great winter piece because you can wear a billion layers of clothing and they’ll still stand out!




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