How to style: Statement earrings


Statement jewellery is often the defining factor between a bland vanilla outfit and a fashion forward statement.

At a time when bland feels like the flavour of the last year (or two - let’s be honest), why not take back the reins a little and spice up low key days with statement earrings that make you feel good.

What are statement earrings? Much the equivalent of a bold red lipstick, statement earrings can be the eye-catching factor that keeps you standing out from the crowd, illuminating any outfit and leaving an impression on those around you long after you’ve left the room.

Be it long drop earrings, pearl earrings, diamond earrings or bespoke pieces (hello Franc Create), statement earrings are something all women should have on hand for occasions when you need to bring your A-game or rock a room with confidence.

As for what type of statement earrings you should go for, or navigating just how you style them, looking at the latest catwalk jewellery trends and celebrities to get the style cues is always fun.

As a jewellery brand, at Francesca, we’re forever mixing up our style identity, but to help guide you towards statement earrings that suit your style and give you the confidence to own any room, we’ve created a fun guide of the best statement earrings and the celebrity personality that best matches.

Read on for the perfect statement earrings to pair with your personality along with how to style statement earrings and how to store statement earrings too.

What statement earrings best suit your celebrity style

The statement earrings type: Hoops (hoop earrings)

The celebrity: Ariana Grande

The profile: You are all glamour, love a glossy lip, winged eyeliner and a sleek ponytail. People would describe you as bold, sassy and fiercely feminine. You know how to work your outfits to accentuate your best assets and love colour, body con dresses and figure hugging styles or pant suits and you definitely know how to own the dance floor.

The statement earrings best suited to your style are hoop earrings. 

How to style statement earrings
Hoops or hoop earrings are an effortless addition to any sleek, fashion forward look.

To take style cues from Ariana, you might go for statement silver hoop earrings such as the 1960s look in her fragrance (as seen here) - equivalent to our Riley Hoops or Ari Hoops. Or for a thinner 90s look, as seen in her Thank U Next fragrance launch (as seen here) the plain solid gold or silver Franc Create Hoops may be more your jam.

The statement earrings type: Pearls (pearl earrings)

The celebrity: Keira Knightley

The profile: You tend to be understated yet effortlessly chic. You are less about strong makeup looks and prefer minimalism when it comes to beauty, more drawn to natural minerals, resources and materials. People would describe you as humble, graceful, soft and deeply feminine, in a natural way. You are all about  pastels, lighter colours, shades and fabrics such as linen or cashmere and you prefer to radiate an inner confidence that requires less outward energy, instead, your own charm is what draws people to you. 

The statement earrings best suited to you are pearl earrings.

Pearls or pearl earrings are an iconic nod to the 1900s and very much characterise the early 1800-1900s (think Downton Abbey or Pride and Predjudice) where women began to pave a new way for feminism, find their identity and empower themselves through intellectual charm and dazzling yet demure looks.

Keira Knightley is definitely the modern day woman who represents the poised beauty, with English charm and porcelain skin, she has long been a muse and style icon for pearl earrings.

How to style statement earrings
For looks similar to her role as Elizabeth Bennet in Pride and Prejudice (seen here), we recommend the pearl drop stud earrings such as the Keshi Pearl earrings or Lulu Pearl Create Earrings.

For a red carpet Keira, our classic Pearl Studs are a beautiful go to or for a hint more glam the Shea studs or Brooklyn Pearl Studs are divine. 

The statement earrings type: Bridal drops (bridal earrings)

The celebrity: Charlize Theron

The profile: You have an old Hollywood charm about you, you ooze glamour, are always sporting a golden glow and love to be adored in metallics, sequins, diamonds and silk. People would describe you as that woman who walks into the room and takes people’s breath away. You are radiant, confident, know how to smile with your eyes and are drawn to looks that highlight your decolletage and compliment your confident style - think stiletto shoes, cigarette pants and camisoles, silk dresses and metallic eyeshadow.

The statement earrings best suited to you are bridal drop earrings.

Bridal earrings or statement diamond earrings - need not be for the soon to be married women only. Whether it’s a red carpet, a school formal, a charity ball, an end of year work function or a sexy date night, bridal earrings ooze old school glamour. Charlize Theron with her long legs and year round tan, is the embodiment of Hollywood chic and who is always seen wearing bridal drop earrings.

How to style statement earrings
For a look similar to the jaw dropping diamond earrings that she wore to the 2017 Oscars red carpet
(as seen here) we recommend the Caraway Earrings, the Buchanan Earrings or the Astoria Earrings.

Or to personify a more low key bridal drop earrings look, seen here by Charlize at the 2020 Sag Awards check out our Stellar Create Earrings.

For a near perfect match of her look at the 2016 Oscars red carpet, you can’t go past the Radcliffe Studs.

The statement earrings type: Designer statement earrings

The celebrity: Gigi Hadid 

The profile: You are edgy, fashion forward in an eclectic cool kind of way. You don’t like to be dictated to, but rather prefer to find your own style, don’t mind clashing prints and brands and prefer to be in your own lane, oozing an aloof ‘I just threw this together’ kind of vibe that magnetises people towards your style. People would describe you as cool, calm, collected and not one to be swayed by the crowd. You tend to wear and mix retro vintage clothes, designer statement pieces and colours and patterns. You’re more of a rule breaker than follower when it comes to fashion and dress more according to your mood and what you’re loving that day.

The statement earrings best suited to you are designer statement earrings.

Designer statement earrings are bespoke earring collections created by local designers. Often designer statement earrings have a branded iconic logo (or print/pattern/look) or are edgy, artsy and unique, making them one of a kind. When it comes to designer statement earrings, Gigi is the kind of gal who brings her own flavour to whatever she is wearing, and often, mixes earrings completely, never wearing one set, but varying earrings for each ear.

How to style statement earrings

For mix and match style inspo, similar to Gigi’s iconic red carpet looks (seen here) we love the Franc Create statement earrings such as Shore pearl create earrings or the Tranquil create earrings.

For a more dignified designer statement earrings look, we love the Decade collection including the iconic Insignia Drop earrings or Decade Studs - wear alone or mix and match. 

Or for a true Gigi statement, we love the Franc Create hoops with a threaded diamond ring (as seen here) such as our Mayfair Diamond Ring or if you prefer to buy the one statement earrings set go for the Stellar Create hoops.

Statement earrings sorted, look on point, celeb inspiration sorted, now what?

Learn how to store your statement earrings properly so you can keep them as heirlooms one day, when 00s fashion has a revival again! 

How to store statement earrings 

When it comes to storing any statement earrings including Francesca collection earrings, it’s so important to know how to care for its style needs.

As most statement earrings are drop earrings, we recommend either the large Stacker Jewellery Box to accommodate all long drop earrings styles, or for a travel size you can carry in your handbag or overnight bag one that special occasion we love the Petite Jewellery Box that features an in-built hanging strap. By hanging drop earrings, it allows them to maintain their natural shape, without being crumpled or compromised.

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